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About Madame Pamita

I am Madame Pamita and I'm a tarot reader, spiritualist, teacher, author, and a maker of magic.  I'm the host of a popular YouTube Channel, the host of the "Magic and the Law of Attraction" podcast, and am the author of "Madame Pamita's Magical Tarot" published by Weiser Books and "The Book of Candle MAgic" published by Llewellyn Books. I am also the proprietress of and online spiritual apothecary, the Parlour of Wonders and I teach classes on tarot and magic all over the country.

I offer traditional tarot readings for helping you to see the map of your life, channeled spirit guide readings where we can meet some of your guides and you can ask them questions, and past life readings where we can explore your past lives to resolve issues in this lifetime and discover your connections to people, places and time periods.

My passion is helping others and I have a unique bond with each client who comes to me and trusts me to show them how to shape their life as they wish it to be. I want to help you understand that the path to your aims, whether love, prosperity or success, is absolutely attainable and, more importantly, show you precisely what is necessary for your personal empowerment.

I love to dispense spell work advice, teaching you ways to work with the spirits of plants, minerals and other artifacts to assist you in achieving your goals.

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