The One Secret To Having The Most Beautiful Magnetic Energy In Any Room You’re In

It's the key to attracting all the best kinds of attention.

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Our perspective and admiration for ourselves are fundamental to our success. 

We’re the only people we get to live with for the entirety of our lives. Why not prioritize that relationship? 

Wellness, mindset, and self-growth creator @highvalue.wisdom, expands on this thought — arguing that it’s the most essential way to cultivate a bright, welcoming, and beautiful energy. 

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This self-growth creator suggests one key to cultivating the most beautiful magnetic energy in any room you’re in. 

While they’re also important, this creator isn’t talking about the kind of energy you need before work or to power your car. It’s not the boost you need at 2 p.m., but rather the kind of energy that attracts you to “the life of the party” at an event. It’s the kind of welcoming energy your grandma has, after years of living, growing, and loving.

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It’s the kind of energy that makes you wonder, “Why do we click so well? How are they so personable? Why am I so drawn to them?” 

Oftentimes, this energetic pull makes us envious — it’s only natural. We want to be the person that everyone is drawn to; that has so many beautiful relationships and finds confidence even in the most tumultuous times. Well, there’s a key to unlocking this kind of energy and it’s the opposite of what you might suspect. 

What’s the key? Stop caring so much. 

‘Mastering detachment’ is the key to unlocking a beautiful, confident, and magnetic energy because you’re the only person you need to impress. 

“Let me tell you. When you are sitting alone, quiet in a corner, overthinking, worrying about your outfit… Even though you are quietly thinking that in your brain, everyone can sense that energy.” 


Mastering detachment is the opposite of that. Instead of holding so tightly onto the opinions of others, give yourself the grace to grow without them. Hype yourself up (even if you’re not fully convinced). 



It looks different for everyone — some might meditate, others might dance in the mirror, and a few might just give themselves an “elevator pitch” on confidence before entering a room. Whatever way works for you — build up your confidence and shed the anxiety. 

What you’re thinking, about yourself and others, is going to manifest in your life. When you flip the script and accept confidence, it translates into an aura of beautiful magnetic energy around you that everyone can sense. 


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By letting go of anxiety, low self-esteem, and fear of failure, others will be inherently drawn to you. 

“When you have mastered detachment and you walk into a room, and you still don’t know any of them, saying ‘I like myself’... and I wasn’t born to impress any of you,” she continued, “your energy is going to show it. Your body language is going to show it.” 

It’s not going to happen overnight — especially for people who’ve struggled with anxiety and low self-esteem for their entire lives. However, taking small steps towards this detachment is going to pay off in the long term

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Start daily habits today — use your mirror, affirmations, or meditation to create high vibrational self-talk that builds your confidence. Focus on the things you love about yourself, forgive yourself for shaming other parts, and cultivate the grace you deserve. 

“You might not like me, but I also might not like you.” That’s the attitude you need to bring to every room. She added, "I’m not a people pleaser. I’m here to have a good time, to grow, to have life experiences, and to create some kind of joy because that’s my birthright.” 

Mastering detachment can radically change your relationships, both with others and yourself. 

When we put ourselves first, we’re not shutting others out. In fact, when we focus on ourselves, the perfect people seem to float into our lives. It’s because people are inherently drawn to good energy. They’re attracted to people that feel good about themselves. 




For some, that can be as simple as smiling at strangers. For others, it might be a more dedicated self-love journey. But, always remember, absolutely nobody’s opinion of you “outweighs” your own. 

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