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A Man Celebrates His Sweet Rescued Fighting Dog Getting Into The Trash When He Wasn't Home

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While most dog owners would be upset to arrive home and see a mess made by their pup, one man was thrilled when he came home and discovered that his dog had gotten into the trash can and chewed up the garbage.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 3 million times, the man explained why it made him so happy. 

The man shared that his dog, Scooby, was rescued from dog fighters and is often too afraid to exhibit normal dog behavior.

Scooby’s owner arrived home to find that, while he was out of the house, the dog had gotten into the trash and chewed up a TV remote. The physical evidence layed just a few inches from Scooby, who cowered against the wall. 

“I think a lot of people would be upset right now because their dog got into the trash when they weren’t home,” the man said from behind the camera. “This is the first time that Scooby has ever gone into the trash, and I’m kind of happy about it.” 

Given Scooby’s traumatic history, the man believed that he may never exhibit “normal” dog behavior, such as getting into the trash, ripping up couch cushions or stealing food off the counter. 



The man assured Scooby that he was not mad over what he did, and reached out to pet his head. Thankfully, the dog appeared to realize he would not face any punishment and perked up when the man got closer. "It's okay, son," he said to the pooch. "I love you."

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For dogs like Scooby, taking the risk to do something they know they may get in trouble with their owners is extraordinary. 

Most former fighting dogs are left with severe emotional trauma and are skittish, isolated, and frightened in their new environments. 

Dog fighting is an illegal operation run by those who breed dogs that they train and condition them to fight other dogs. During the fights, two dogs are placed in a pit and forced to maul one another for up to hours on end until one of them is no longer able to continue or one dies. Spectators pay to watch these horrific fights and view them as entertainment. 

Dog fighters also often leave the dogs in horrible living conditions, with little food, water, space, or medical care. If they are caught, they can face hefty fines and years of imprisonment. The dogs are then surrendered to animal shelters.

When the dogs recover from their physical injuries, some of them will be adopted. However, they are not completely out of the woods yet, as they struggle with PTSD, just like humans.



It can take years before they finally begin to trust their new owners and realize they are now in a safe and loving environment. 

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The man adopted Scooby from an animal shelter after he and four other dogs were confiscated from dog fighters. Unfortunately, all of the others passed away, making Scooby the sole survivor of the group. 

Upon first bringing him home, his owner shared that Scooby was so overcome with anxiety that he didn’t sleep through the night, bark, or even wag his tail. 



Thankfully, he has now overcome all three, and his personality has really begun to shine through. 

Scooby feeling comfortable enough to finally take a risk and demonstrate naughty behavior depicts just how far he has come in his home after being in the custody of dog fighters. 

Not only is Scooby lucky enough to now have a home that encourages him to try new things without the risk of physical punishment, but he also lives an extravagant lifestyle, being served breakfast in bed, getting to go on long walks through the mountains, and receiving endless toys, treats and affection. 



Given all that Scooby has endured, he definitely deserves the best, and his owner certainly delivers

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