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Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Considering ‘Behavioral Euthanasia’ For Anxious Dog After Spending $30K & Being Woken Up Every Hour

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Dogs have always been labeled as “man's best friend” and are loving, caring, and adorable animals that stay by our sides, no matter what life throws our way.

And though dog owners take on a handful of responsibilities that could be potentially overwhelming, in one woman’s case, she’s at a loss for words.

A woman expressed immense guilt for considering 'behavioral euthanasia' for her dog with developmental issues.

The subreddit r/reactivedogs allows members to discuss their experiences with their animals in the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) approach.

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One woman took to the subreddit to discuss her long-term care experience for her dog that has developmental issues as well as debilitating anxiety and fear.

She wrote in her post, “I have asked about behavioral euthanasia, wondering if perhaps I have failed her and this would give her more peace and calm. The vets feel she is not severe enough for BE — i.e., they feel that with continued time, lifelong medications, and training, she will get better.”

The expressed her own poor mental health and how she was losing patience with her dog as she “cannot have 5 minutes without her waking up the entire house.”

She wrote about her dog’s separation anxiety and how no treatments involving others would work, as her dog was too afraid. She explained that she has tried dog sitters and in-home care but nothing has worked.

She asked Reddit for advice on how to change her own behavior and be less verbally reactive to her dog's outbursts.

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Others in the thread explained that she needed to 'get another opinion' on whether her dog’s medications are effective.

One user wrote, “I think you need to maybe get another opinion. That many meds seem excessive, and sometimes they can actually contribute to anxiety. Does she have any aggression issues with other dogs? If not, maybe a dog daycare?”

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In response to this comment, the OP explained, “I have seen about 6-7 vets for her and this is, unfortunately, the best and most experienced specialist opinion. She has tried to self-harm to the point of nearly killing herself without these medications. She is very fearful and has fear-based aggression towards other dogs.”

The woman also made it clear that she had spent thousands of dollars on care for her dog and feels that she has no other options.

People tried to offer support and compassion for this woman’s story, with one person saying, “I'm just worried about their mental health through all of this, including if BE ends up being an option. Not offering a solution, just support.”

Others explained that her puppy was not happy at all and that she should go back to the vet to explain the situation further due to the poor quality of life the dog had experienced.

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When rehoming, medications, and all other options are exhausted, behavioral euthanasia is recommended.

According to Preventive Vet, “Behavioral euthanasia is humanely ending a dog's life because of severe behavioral issues, such as aggression or extreme anxiety.”

The website discussed a few recommendations regarding behavioral issues such as rehoming the dog, managing the environment, and modifying the behavior. In this woman’s case, all options have been unsuccessful and she has spent a lot of time and money, and made plenty of sacrifices for her dog’s well-being.

She explained that if her dog were to pass, she would be devastated, but also have peace of mind simultaneously. She expressed that she was dedicated to managing her own mental health, behavior, and reactions so that her dog could be in a “better” environment.

The OP made an additional follow-up post, saying that it was determined that the issues may be genetic, as the rest of the dogs from this particular breeder have similar problems. Luckily, the owner is doing all she can to help her dog.

"I know my cup seems quite empty but with letting her just be herself more, relaxing more around her, and sleeping more, I think there is room to try and improve here, at least for a little while longer. If all our efforts fail then we will give her a good and well deserved rest," she concluded.

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