Woman Shares The Unusual Ways She Calms Her Scared Rescue Dog With Pajamas And A 'Boomie Roomie'

Dogs are a part of the family, it's important to make them feel comfortable in their own homes when things get a little hard for them.

Myko rescue dog TikTok @mykomushroom / TikTok

A woman on TikTok shared a sweet video to show off the ways in which she protects her rescue dog, Myko, from loud noises and helps his anxiety from becoming too much to bear.

Loud noises like thunder and fireworks are known to cause some anxiety and fear in pets, but not everyone knows how to handle their pets in an effective manner — this dog mom has several unique ways in which she does it.

The woman will often find her dog in his ‘boomie roomie’ with pajamas on when he’s scared.

The short, 19-second clip opens with her dog shaking fiercely as he looks around, scared of the noises playing around him while his mom says “You’re doing a good job buddy. You’re doing a very good job.”


These kind words of reassurance are just one of the small ways that she claims they help their dog feel better. “Our rescue dog shakes like this because he’s scared of loud sounds — thunder, fireworks, and trucks are all REALLY hard for him. But we want him to feel safe so we’ve come up with some unusual ways to help him.”



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She opens a door under her staircase to a beautifully decorated room that she calls, the “boomie roomie.” The walls are lined with vines, the curved ceiling is painted in green and white checkers, and there are pillows and blankets and Myko’s dog bed.

Myko was in the room while she shot this scene — in his plaid pajamas resting on top of his blanket and snacking on some broccoli. She writes, “We built him a Boomie Roomie under the steps. Sometimes he wears his pajamas and eats snackies in there. And we realized that…”

Myko likes to go everywhere with his blue ‘blankie’ — it seems to calm him the most.

“He seems to feel better when he wears his blue blankie in the house AND outside on his walkies, especially if there’s trucks or noisy construction,” she explained, showing several clips of Myko walking around inside and outside the house with his blue blanket on him.

Similarly to humans, dogs benefit from having their own companion blankets. Many dog blogs online tout the idea that every dog should have a companion blanket, saying “A dog’s blanket provides a great deal of comfort both in and out of the home.”


Myko’s blue blanket is his companion blanket, but these things aren’t the last of what helps this rescue dog relax when things get loud — he also has his “quiet ears.”

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Photo: TikTok


The last clip shows Myko on the couch with his blankie on, being hugged by someone else in the family, while the “quiet ears” are on his head. The quiet ears are just an Eeyore headband that wraps around the dog's head but likely provide some kind of noise cancellation for when things get loud.

She writes, “And then there’s his Quiet Ears: they help him stop barking and he even falls asleep in them,” proving as much as Myko seems to doze off by the end of the clip.

Dogs are an important part of everyone’s family, so everyone will try to take care of them as much as they can. Many in the comments praised this family for the way they helped their pup, with one person even joking, “If only our parents could have raised us the way millennials raise their pets.”


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