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If You're Thinking Of Adding A Dog To Your Family, You Need To See These Videos Of Dogs Before & After Finding Their Forever Homes

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As the holidays quickly approach, some families are considering adding a furry friend under the Christmas tree. However, instead of purchasing a designer dog from a breeder, you should look into adopting one from an overcrowded shelter. 

It is these animals that are in need of a new home the most, and shelter employees are working tirelessly to ensure that their current residents will find their forever families by the end of the year. If you are still on the fence about adopting, the stories and photo evidence from those who have adopted their companions may just change your mind.

Animal shelters and families who have adopted dogs are sharing photos and videos of their dogs before and after adoption, and the results are heartwarming. 

Hopefully, their impactful stories will motivate others to choose pet adoption.

NWT SPCA, a rescue center based in Canada’s Northwest Territories, posted a tear-jerking video on their TikTok account that depicted photos of some of their adopted dogs before and after going to their forever homes. 

you need to see these videos of dogs before and after finding their forever homesPhoto: Mike Jones / Canva Pro

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There’s Duke, a labrador who gazes up at the camera at the shelter before happily lying on his back soaking up in the sun in his new home. Adorable Nero, who was pictured with minor cuts on his snout at the shelter before being shown in his new home, sitting up tall and proud, his injuries completely vanished. 

There’s Noodles, who was once alone in his cage at the rescue and now photographed chilling with his new dog sibling in his new home. And there's Ranger, who was once alone and confused and is now snuggled up against his new owner. 

Others have shared their own personal before and after transformations of their adopted pets.

There's Ollie the pitbull, who once shied away from his owner's hand extending out to pet him while he was in a shelter cage. After being adopted, however, he confidently reaches out his paw to his new owner so that the two can hold hands! 



Other families and shelters have proudly demonstrated their dogs' drastic physical appearance and personality changes before they were adopted. 



Really, just about every one of these dogs will surely melt your heart!



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While the dogs depicted in these videos are no longer up for adoption, there are many others like them that are.

There are millions of dogs that are surrendered or put up for adoption in shelters each year. 

According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), approximately 3.1 million dogs are placed in animal shelters in the U.S. annually. Sometimes they are surrendered by their owners due to allergies, financial trouble, or inability to manage the dog’s behavior. 

Although around 2 million dogs are adopted or rescued from shelters each year, there are those who never make it to a forever family or know a life outside of cage bars.



Around 390,000 of those dogs are euthanized each year if they become sick, or old, exhibit behavioral problems, or if the shelter becomes too crowded. 

These centers can easily become overwhelmed due to limited space and resources. By choosing to adopt a dog instead of buying one, you could just be saving their life. 

Adopting a dog also reduces the demand for puppy mills, which are mass breeding operation facilities for dogs. At puppy mills, a mother dog is forced to continuously give birth to litters while living in a cramped cage while her puppies are sold to pet stores or online. Once a mother is no longer able to reproduce, she is abandoned or killed. 

Shelter dogs do not originate from puppy mills, and are either strays or surrendered pets. Some of them may even have been rescued from a puppy mill. 

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So if the dogs in the video stole your heart (and let’s be real, they definitely did), consider bringing a shelter dog home to be a member of your family this holiday season. 

You’ll be giving them a better life, and we promise, they’ll change yours for the better.

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