What It Means When Your Left Foot Itches

If you have an itchy left foot with no apparent physical cause, here's what it might mean.

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Having an itchy foot can be pretty annoying, especially when you have to go through the motions of taking off a shoe and sock to scratch it — and even more so when it seems like there’s no physical cause for the itch.

While the reason behind an itchy left foot might be obvious, such as dry skin, sometimes it’s not always clear what’s causing the itch.

If you can’t find any physical reasons for your itchy feet, there may be a left foot itching superstition that explains why your feet itch.


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Some physical causes behind an itchy left foot include:

Dry skin

Our feet are more susceptible to dry skin because we use them so much every day.

Colder climates and frequent bathing may also exacerbate dryness. If your left foot itches and looks scaly or rough, this may be the cause of your itchy foot.


You can treat dry skin on the feet by using lotion to restore the moisture in your foot, which can help relieve the itch.

You may want to consider seeing a doctor to make sure the cause of the dry skin isn’t something more serious, like eczema or Psoriasis.

Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus that usually starts between the toes. Symptoms include an itchy rash between the toes, though it can eventually spread to other parts of the foot as well.

While there are over-the-counter medications you can take to help cure an athlete’s foot infection, you may want to see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.


If you have sensitive skin or a skin allergy, coming into contact with an allergen such as the laundry detergent on your socks or even walking barefoot on pollen outside could cause itchy feet.


If your foot itching lasts more than two weeks, occurs during pregnancy, keeps you up at night, Is accompanied by a severe rash and/or swelling, reddening, or yellowing of the skin, be sure to contact your doctor.

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There are also spiritual meanings behind itchy left feet.

Spiritually, the right side of the body is considered the “positive” side, so sensations in body parts on the right are said to bring positive energy and good luck.

Unfortunately, that means the left side of the body is the negative side. Therefore, an itchy left foot is indicative of a negative outcome.

This is why left-handed people were once thought to have the “hand of the devil,” and why we tell bad dancers they have two left feet instead of two right feet.


You’re charged with negative energy.

Because the left side is the “negative” side, it’s said that an itchy left foot means that negative energy has been activated in your body.

This may lead you to make irrational decisions, which in turn may lead to a negative outcome.

You’re going to start a journey.

Itchy feet are associated with walking on strange ground, so when the bottom of your feet start itching, it means you’re about to go somewhere new. This could be a physical journey, such as a vacation, or even an emotional journey to heal from past trauma.

When it’s your left foot specifically, it means that the journey won’t be smooth sailing — you may come across a few bumps in the road on your upcoming journey.


The location of the itch also matters.

If the itch is located on the top of the foot, someone associated with your journey is talking about you. An itch around your left foot (but not on the sole) is a sign that your journey won’t be an enjoyable one. If it’s on your left toe, it means that you’ll suffer some kind of loss along your journey.

You feel stuck.

This is especially true if you have a relentlessly itchy left foot in your dreams.

Itchy feet are a sign that you need to move forward and an itchy left foot usually means that your attempt to do so will cost you in some way.

Dreaming about this situation means is your mind subconsciously telling you that you know you need to make a change in your life, but you’re not quite sure how.


Itchy Left Foot Superstitions in Different Cultures

Meaning of Left Foot Itching in Asian Cultures

In India and other Asian countries, itching left feet is a sign of bad luck. This culture believes that an itchy left foot is a signal that you’ll face sorrow and pain along your journey, physical or spiritual. It could also mean that things you’ve planned for your journey will go awry, or the journey won’t happen at all.

Turkish Meaning of an Itching Left Foot

Likewise, people in Turkey believe that an itchy left foot means that your journey won’t go as planned. You may face multiple challenges along the way and won’t feel secure in your decisions.

Differences In Itchy Left Feet Meanings and Superstitions for Males and Females

While an itchy right foot is generally considered a positive omen, that’s not the case 100% of the time.


There are some differences in the meaning of itchy left feet for men and women.

If a man has an itchy left foot, it’s actually a sign of bad luck. If a woman has an itchy left foot, on the other hand, it means good luck.

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