10 Ways To Activate & Tap Into Your Dark Feminine Energy

Accessing your dark feminine energy is the key to opening doors you never knew existed.

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All people of the world, men and women, have masculine and feminine energy within them. The conflicting energies create balance, giving each of us the right tools to manage different situations in life.

Feminine power is often misunderstood and when our feminine side is mentioned, it conjures ideas of hearts, butterflies, soft voices, and submission. But divine feminine energy is so much more than the antiquated stereotypes of what a feminine woman should be.


Wounded feminine energy comes from the inability to balance your masculine energy with your femininity. However, in addition to maintaining that balance, a woman must also be aware of the light and dark aspects of their feminine energy.

Light feminine energy is necessary in order to have a healthy relationship, practice self-love and nourish our natural intuition. But if we learn to access our dark feminine energy, we can truly unlock our limitless potential, using the dark aspects we unlock to get whatever we want out of life.

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What is dark feminine energy?

The dark side of your feminine energy is a hot topic on TikTok, with women coming out of the woodwork to bring others who want to maximize their power by getting in touch with their "dark" sides.

Dark femininity is the side of womanhood that we repress in order to be accepted by the men of the world. Dark femininity is the "shadow" side of divine femininity.



It is our subconscious thoughts, emotions, impulses, and primal instincts that we usually keep under wraps to avoid being seen as aggressive, mean, or evil. It is believed that women who tap into their dark feminine traits will become empowered, magnetic and whole, revealing their true selves.


Dark vs. Light Feminine Energy

When we think of dark feminine energy, it might bring images of Angelina Jolie kicking butt and taking names in "Tomb Raider," or the infamous "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" with her former husband, Brad Pitt.

But rather than being the antithesis of light femininity, dark feminine energy works in conjunction with it. Many of the light versus dark traits are two sides of the same coin.

Light feminine energy is:

  • Nurturing, able to restore others through love and compassion
  • Intuitive, allowing us to perceive the thoughts and feelings of others and knowing how to help
  • Compassionate, ready to give love and empathy wherever it is needed
  • Receptive, picking up on the emotions and motivations of others
  • Forgiving and emotional, these feelings are strong and usually rule supreme
  • Gracious, handling undesirable situations with grace and preferring a softer touch

Dark feminine energy is:

  • Passionate, going hard for things they really care about
  • Creative, coming up with new and innovative ways of doing things
  • Authentic, knowing there is a time when showing authenticity over compassion, and being transformative rather than empathetic, is appropriate
  • Magnetic, drawing others to them and allowing them to share themselves willingly and openly
  • Fearless, having the ability to set boundaries and communicate when toes have been stepped on
  • Seductive, using sexual energy to their advantage and walking away when a situation no longer serves them
  • Powerful, having no problem wielding that power at times when it's deemed necessary

You will know that you have successfully revealed your dark side when you are no longer a victim, recognize your own power, and understand your own desires.



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How To Tap Into Your Dark Feminine Energy

Learning to access your dark feminine energy takes time and dedication. But there are steps you can easily take to get the process started and unlock the part of you that will empower and uplift you.


1. Get out into nature.

Women are connected to nature because it is a part of us. The cycle of the four seasons, the moon cycles, all of the elements, and the ongoing evolution are mimicked by our bodies.

Get outdoors and dig your toes into the earth, take a dip in the ocean, breathe in fresh air, and wander with excited curiosity. Restoring your connection with nature will release your dark femininity.

2. Practice self-love.

Self-love starts with embracing and accepting who you are. It is the act of being proud of how far you have come while knowing where you are going and striving to get there.

Let go of past hurts, guilt, mistakes, and anger so you are no longer weighed down. Give your body what it needs to push it to its highest potential such as good food, exercise, and permission to just be.


3. Start journaling.

Writing your thoughts down on a daily basis is very powerful when it comes to accessing your dark femininity. It helps us analyze our thoughts and feelings in an uncensored way.

Journal prompts are a good way of starting a session and can help everything inside of you bubble to the surface.

4. Treasure your menstrual cycle.

For most of us, periods are a nuisance to be dealt with every month. But there is a sacred power in your menstrual cycle. It attaches us to the earth, the moon, and the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Your period is literal magic happening within you and should be honored as such. In some cultures, women come together to "bleed" and use menstrual blood in ceremonies. Maybe you won’t go that far, but at the very least, celebrate the magic that is you.


5. Connect with your higher self.

Exploring your birth chart, astrological data, and other so-called "witchy" practices can connect you to your intuition and higher self. Whatever method you use to get to know yourself better will do wonders to open you up to the dark femininity within.

6. Be in the presence of the dark masculine.

Connecting with a man who has access to his dark masculine energy will automatically unleash your dark femininity. You will know he is in touch with his dark side by the way he is able to express himself emotionally, and how transparent and comfortable he is with relaying his sexual desires.

7. Heal your feminine wounds.

We all have feminine wounds, either inherited through our ancestral line, or from just living life. Society’s tendency to pit women against one another has fractured our sisterhood and weakened our bond.

Now, we must take a hard look at ourselves and make sure we are showing up for women in the right way while releasing any ill feelings about the past.


8. Start meditating.

Meditation stabilizes us and makes us feel in tune with our subconscious. Sitting quietly and peacefully for just a few minutes every day is an important discipline for our physical bodies, psyches, and spiritual beings. It’s about understanding, recognizing, controlling, and focusing your thoughts.

9. Open your heart.

With all we have been through, it is easy to harden our hearts to everyone around us in an effort to avoid being vulnerable.

When you open your heart fully and allow your light to shine outward, you not only do the world a favor, but you reap the benefits of creating authentic relationships and bringing peace and forgiveness.

10. Make sex sacred.

For a while, people thought that feminism was partially believed to be the ability to do what we want with our bodies, including engaging in casual sex. We do have the autonomy to make decisions about our bodies, but sex is an intimate act where two peoples' energies and souls connect.


It should not be taken lightly and everyone should not have access to the sacred treasures that you carry. That is an asset that must be earned by suitors. The dark feminine is mind-blowing, soul-stirring sex that only the chosen ones deserve to experience.

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