12 Signs You're Experiencing A Divine Masculine Awakening

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These days, when masculinity is mentioned, itis usually in the context of toxic masculinity, the patriarchy, or associated with narcissism. But both divine masculine and feminine energies are needed in order for all of us to exist.

Every being on this planet, male or female, has both a masculine side and a feminine energy within them. When we prioritize one over the other, an awakening begins.

Being aware of the signs that your divine masculine energy is awakening can empower you and give you a beautiful experience.

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What is the divine masculine?

For the most part, the divine masculine has nothing to do with being a man. As a matter of fact, all human males and females are born with masculine and feminine energy.

It is fairly common for people to have more masculine than feminine energy, and vice versa, no matter their gender. These designations simply describe the characteristics of each type of energy.

Divine masculine energy is protective, active, and outspoken. It is connected to leadership, physical activity, and decision-making skills.

What is a divine masculine awakening?

When your masculine energy awakens, you might be in the midst of a big life change, and it gives you the kick in the rear you need to get going.

Masculinity is spiritually awakened at times when you need to access your shadow side or assertiveness as a means to an end. Your masculine starts at birth but is sometimes repressed in order to make others comfortable.

Sometimes it plays out as masculine archetypes or an interest in extreme sports. It manifests as determination and grit, a willingness to take initiative and fight for what is rightfully yours.

12 Divine Masculine Awakening Symptoms & Signs

There are many ways to tell if you are experiencing a divine masculine awakening.

It is hard to miss the symptoms because they don’t sneak in quietly. They kick down the doors to your life and disrupt the status quo.

1. You're aware of and curious about the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

You may not have even known these opposing energies existed before. But now that you are aware, you recognize both within yourself and seek to balance them.

This may be a time where you’re reading books about masculinity or watching a slew of YouTube videos to learn more. You are dead set on learning how to harness your divine masculine in a healthy way.

You are honest about who you are and operate in total authenticity. You are also courageous enough to share every part of yourself with the world.

2. You're suddenly ready to settle down.

You might normally associate a desire to settle down and have a foundation with feminine energy, but remember that the divine masculine is all about protecting and providing.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready to marry and have kids, but you are definitely at a point in your life when you are looking to find your forever home.



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3. You're restless and excitable.

We talked about being ready to settle down, but conversely, you could be overcome with a feeling of restlessness. The divine masculine is always on the move.

This could show up as a new recreational sport, a rigorous exercise program, a brisk jog through the park, or any form of activity that can help burn off energy.

4. You're turning into a risk-taker.

To be clear, a risk-taker is not a person who throws caution to the wind and partakes in dangerous behaviors. It simply means you are becoming more adventurous and coloring outside the lines of your normal life.

You could decide to change your career or pursue a passion. If you start to feel like there is something else out there for you, there is, and you might be having a divine masculine awakening.

5. You view sex as something sacred.

In the past you might have viewed sex as a mindless activity that you did for physical pleasure. You now understand just how sacred the joining together of two bodies is.

Whereas you used to enjoy random hookups and flings, you have become fully aware of the divinity within you and value yourself, your body, and your potential partner enough to save those experiences for someone special.

6. You operate without aggression.

Some believe that masculine energy is attached to aggression. On the contrary, though masculinity protects, it is not the aggressor.

Divine masculine energy doesn’t rely on negative energy like defensiveness and bullying to be seen and heard. Instead, it uses its vulnerability and sensitivity to effectively communicate.

7. You're feeling especially confident.

Many of the traits ascribed to toxic masculinity are just various forms of insecurity. People with low self-esteem and bruised egos lash out, hurting others and themselves in the process.

The divine masculine is characterized as secure and confident. Once you allow that energy to awaken in you, you can let go of the societal norms like "men don’t cry" or "don’t show emotion" and reach optimal wellness.

8. You're ready to take the lead.

When the divine masculine energy shows up in your life, you begin to realize that a role in leadership is right up your alley.

You may have shrunk into the background before, playing your position and flying under the radar, but you’re ready to step out, take the reins, and shine like the star you are.

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9. You set goals and go after them.

Another clear sign that your masculine energy is awakening is a renewed sense of purpose. You set challenging goals and go after them.

You have clarity and set goals that align with where your life is headed. No matter how hard the target, you are confident in yourself and your abilities.

10. You're looking for real love.

The awakening of your divine masculine makes you hungry for romance. You now know how to treat your partner with love, respect, and consideration.

You may have been unsure if you were ready to love before, but now you are prepared to meet your twin flame and live out the rest of your life with him or her.

11. You have a desire to give.

We know that the divine masculine is a protector, so it makes perfect sense that you would enjoy providing for others.

You are financially stable and are on a mission to love and watch over the people you care about. You have a generous spirit and enjoy taking care of your family.

12. Good decisions are a breeze.

Some people struggle with making the right choices. This may have been something you suffered from, but you have overcome it and are comfortable that you know what’s best for you.

Your mental and emotional processes function like a well-oiled machine, and you can easily measure the risks and rewards from every situation and interaction.

How to Awaken the Divine Masculine

To awaken divine masculinity, you first need to truly understand what it is and what it isn’t. Ignore what you thought you knew and open your mind to new concepts.

If you have been stagnant or lackadaisical, look for ways you can increase your activity. Connect with your energy and feel it flow through your body.



Take initiative and get determined to see your desires through. You have the ability to turn dormant masculine energy into power, success, love, and growth. The only person who can stop you is you.

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