How Land Absorbs Trauma & What To Do To Clear Negativity From Property

The Earth remembers and the land is connected to you.

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What causes trauma in land or on property? Is that even possible?  I get asked these questions a lot when I work with land and properties. And, yes, it is absolutely possible. 

I've seen this over and over, if you think about it, the history of the land and the earth is way older, well beyond humankind's existence. So much has happened on this planet, even before we came into the picture, so the land stores the memories of such different experiences, it's impossible for us to even imagine. 


How land absorbs trauma and negativity

Think of it the same way as your body stores the memories of the different experiences. It goes through the cells into cellular memory. This is the same way the land stores memories, whether they're good or bad. The bad ones or the not-too-happy ones leave a deep impact. 

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And what are the typical causes of this? Some of them are natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, or anything else caused by natural calamities and difficulties. All the manmade disasters also cause trauma in the land. Whether it is large-scale activities such as war, mining, construction, power plants, or major construction and other projects including farming and the use of chemicals and pesticides in the agricultural processes. A lot of things, whether done on a small or a large scale, have an impact on the land. 


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So what happens when there is an impact on the land, whether natural or manmade? It disturbs the energetics of the place. 

The land is not dead

 It is very alive and is filled with experiences similar to how we go about living and gathering our own experiences. So, when we come along and do whatever we want to the land, we don't realize what the land has gone through. Then, we claim a piece of land to construct buildings on it and violate the land. This causes a lot of health issues and other problems for the people living or working on that property. 


We can restore the energy of the land

We have forgotten how to respect and honor the land we live and work on. Without restoring the energy of the land to its glory and divinity, it's impossible to tap into the powerful energies the land can bring forth. 

The land does not feel safe because of all the trauma it has gone through. Then we build property on it, the building doesn't feel safe either. It's not just a piece of construction, every piece has its elemental energies to the whole. 

When the house does not feel connected to the land energetically, it doesn't feel safe either. This means the people who live or work on that property don't feel safe either and the sensitive ones pick up on it and don't feel safe. This makes them so afraid they install every form of security to try and feel safe but at the end of the day, they still don't feel safe. 


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If you can relate to anything I am saying, there is probably trauma on your land. Just knowing about the trauma will shift the way you feel about the land you live or work on. 

Today, I invite you to connect with the land you live or work on and ask yourself how it makes you feel. What's going on with the land? Is it feeling alive? Is it feeling honored? Or is it feeling neglected and abandoned? What kind of frequency do you get when you turn to your land? As you reflect on this, I will share what can be done about it.


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Archanaa Shyam is an Intuitive Visionary Strategist and Catalyst and medical intuitive who is a student of Shamanic Astrology. She is a medical intuitive, a master energy transmitter and channel, and integrates all of these interests and talents into helping clients in various ways.