2 Ways To Drastically Improve Your Health & Overall Energy By Making Changes To Your Home

Being health-conscious or eco-friendly can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Physical toxicity, cleaning and household products we bring into our homes Oleg Ivanov | Unsplash

Potentially harmful products are used in the home for different purposes, whether cleaning, maintenance, or gardening. Our bodies and environment absorb the products brought into our space. The harmful products in your home can also include food, personal hygiene products, supplements, detergents, and more.

The effects go deeper than your outward health. These products can affect us a little bit every year until we find ourselves very ill, run-down, or exhausted. The energy of your life will likely be affected by making changes to make your environment healthier. 


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Two steps that will help you detoxify your home & body

1. Learn about the full cycle of your household products

You can start looking at the products you consume from a different perspective to decide whether they positively support your environment and health. Think of it from beyond the perspective of just using the product versus what happens to this product once the usage is complete. For example, dish detergent and cleaning products go through different equipment and appliances in the home.

They drain into the central water system and eventually make their way into water bodies, so you want to be sure you are supporting the water cycle as well. Consider it from that perspective and decide what you put down your drain and how safe and eco-friendly the products are. Will they help sustain our planet beyond just our generation?


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2. Learn more about the products you use outside, too

The fewer the toxins, the better it is for our environment. 

The same applies to products you use on your plants and garden. What is it doing to the soil? Is it just a quick fix or nourishing the soil while enhancing the quality of life force in the soil? So think about it from that perspective for all the different products you're using and consider how these products promote life-sustaining energies in and around you.


Planting a flower without using harmful chemicals Alexander Raths via Shutterstock

In the same way, the food you eat is processed by the digestive system before it is shared with the rest of the body. But the products we put on your skin, face, and hair get absorbed directly into the body. It does not go through any filtration system. So if you're using lots of harmful chemicals on your body imagine what it's doing to you. By now, years and years of damage could have already been done, and then we use even more products to reverse the damage, and who knows what those products contain.

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Read the label

If there is only one thing you want to take away from this particular session, Start reading the labels and decide whether you want those particular ingredients in your body

Because when we take good care of our bodies a lot of damage is prevented, which means there's less cleanup to be done later.

Prevention is better than cure both for you and the planet.


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