People With The Most Empathetic Personality Type Share 10 Specific Traits

This personality is incredibly caring... but it's a double-edged sword.

Last updated on Jan 17, 2024

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ESFJs are one of the most empathetic people of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types.

Those with the ESFJ personality are known as providers and, as such, are also called the "Caregiver." They are also referred to as the “Consul” due to their undying interest in the welfare of those they care about, and their passion for diplomacy.

But there is so much more to ESFJs that make them uniquely special.


ESFJ Meaning

ESFJ, or the Consul personality type, stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. These characteristics are part of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and personality test, which is broken down into 16 different personality types.

The test groups people into 16 personality types based on the ways you interact with others, how you see the world, your process for taking and using information, and what you think of yourself.

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ESFJs encourage others to help them be successful. Their first instinct is to view people in a positive light until proven otherwise. They are also organized, outgoing, nurturing, and a bit traditional in their moral code.


Positive ESFJ Traits

  1. Loyal
  2. Outgoing
  3. Responsible
  4. Leader
  5. Socially conscious

Negative ESFJ Traits

  1. Sensitive
  2. Rigid
  3. Predictable
  4. Self-sacrificing
  5. Needy



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ESFJ Compatibility & Relationships

Romantic relationships are especially important to ESFJs. They want to receive the loyalty, reliability and attention that they give their partner.

Every stage of a relationship is vital to ESFJs. They like to set expectations early on, ensuring that they and their mate receive respect, support and commitment from one another.


The way a significant other treats ESFJs has a big impact on their self-esteem and mood. They need to know that you are just as invested in them as they are in you.

Because ESFJs hold relationships and commitment in high esteem, when they go through a breakup, they are immediately devastated, but will do what they can to begin the healing process. Fortunately, ESFJs will turn their pain into an opportunity for personal growth.

Best Career For ESFJ Personality

ESFJs excel in careers where they can help others. If a job is not people-oriented, it is likely not a good fit. Interaction with people is a prerequisite to determine if a career is right for ESFJ.

Careers in social work, the medical field, and teaching are ideal for ESFJs as they can receive the intrinsic award they desire. In authoritative and leadership roles, they take a supportive and friendly approach.


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Tips For Relating To An ESFJ Personality Type

1. Offer them consistent feedback.

If you have an ESFJ in your life that you want to get to know, be sure to provide them with ongoing feedback about how you see them. Because social status is important to them, they will appreciate your attempts to help them better themselves.

2. Give positive reinforcement.

ESFJs need to be appreciated. When you see them doing things for others or reaching personal goals, be sure to recognize their achievements. It goes a long way with their confidence.


3. Include them in your plans.

Being a part of social circles is vital to how ESFJs see themselves. So, it's important to include them in gatherings and events where they can meet and interact with other people.

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Famous People With ESFJ Personalities

A commonality among famous individuals with the ESFJ personality is that they have a sense of pride in their work and how it is perceived by the public. If you dig deeper, you will likely find them involved in philanthropic work as well, which is one of the biggest ESFJ strengths.

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Khloé Kardashian
  • LeBron James
  • Shakira
  • Julia Roberts
  • Bill Clinton
  • Taylor Swift
  • Joe Biden
  • Danny Glover
  • Chris Evans



Is ESFJ a rare personality?

ESFJ is the second most common personality type of all the Myers-Briggs types, with ISFJ being the most common. ESFJ personalities make up 12% of the general population, 8% of men, and 17% of women.

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