What You See First In This Viral Visual Test Reveals If You're Friendly Or 'Emotionally Volatile'

Photo: @Mia_yilin, TikTok / Martijn Schrijver
dog mountain visual test

The ability to manage and regulate your emotions is essential to how people perceive you. It also has an epic impact on your own mental and emotional health.

If you are an emotionally unstable person, you will experience highs and lows, exhibit impulsive behavior, and will be unreasonably sensitive.

Your emotions can switch with the wind, taking you from being on top of the world to feeling extremely sad and even lashing out. To the outside world, your reactions will seem disproportionate to the incident at hand.

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People who are emotionally volatile have a hard time controlling their responses and often feel overwhelmed, causing them to react verbally and physically in ways they might later regret. Their temperament can lead to problems with maintaining friendships and relationships because most level-headed people would prefer not to deal with their instability.

It can be difficult to recognize that you might be emotionally volatile on your own because it’s the norm. You have to rely on the feedback and actions from the people around you to let you know that your behavior is unacceptable and harmful.

If you want to determine whether or not you have trouble controlling your emotions, this emotionally volatile test is just what you need.

In a video, TikToker Mia Yilin introduced a psychology test that helps viewers determine whether they are friendly to other people or tend to be emotionally volatile in their interactions. The test is centered around an image of a mountain created by artist Martijn Schrijver.

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The image of a snow-covered mountain is shown over Yilin’s head, and she starts by asking viewers, “What’s the first thing you see in this picture?"

Once you decide what you saw on your first look, she goes on to explain what your selection means.

Photo: Martijn Schrijver

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What Your Results Mean

If you saw the mountain first

According to Yilin, seeing the mountain first tells you that you are a person with a big heart who is extremely friendly.

"You don’t like to argue over small things, so you often let others have their way. Although you sometimes lack initiative in life, you are super hard working and always give everything 100%, even if you don’t get much in return," Yilin says.

People who see the mountain take things in stride and don’t let little things bother them. They are more inclined to leave a situation alone than go to war over it.

Although not that ambitious, they do whatever they choose to do well and consider a job well done its own reward.

If you saw the dog first

Seeing a dog first means, according to Yilin, “You like to pretend that you are indifferent to the major life events happening around you but, in reality, you feel anxious and insecure. You’re quite emotionally volatile."

Yilin adds that people who saw the dog first are over the moon when things go their way, but if they face setbacks in their plans, they are frustrated. "You also take promises super seriously and what annoys you the most are people who go back on their word," Yilin adds.

People who saw a dog like to "fake it ‘til they make it." They bury their intense emotions under a veil of disinterest, but deep down inside are extremely bothered.

These people take failures hard and become solemn when things don’t pay out. So, if you make a promise to someone who identified the dog first, you’d better keep it or they’ll hold it against you forever.

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