People Who Pass This 30-Second Quiz Have Superior Visual Recognition Skills

Only the quickest thinkers can pass this visual test in 30 seconds.

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The reflexes of the eye are automatic adjustments your eyes make to help you see and keep them from being damaged. They can respond to light and dark, adjusting how much light enters the retina.

Several parts of your eye work together to react, including the pupils, cornea, ocular nerve, optic nerve, and tear ducts. How good your visual reflexes are is a testament to the health of your eye’s muscles and nerves, receptors, neurons, and your central nervous system.


And while there are tests to determine vision strength, whether or not you have a blind mind's eye, and to see if you have change blindness, the visual reflex test lets you see how fast your eye reflexes react.

This visual reflex test shows how fast your brain transfers mathematical information and tests your cognitive recognition speed.

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According to TikToker @cloutatlas, this visual reflex test analyzes your reaction time when trying to see and recognize numbers that are grouped together but in no particular order.




He starts by saying, “Try this test to see how fast your visual reflexes are.” He then displays a panel of numbers 1-25 that look similar to a bingo card. The numbers are placed randomly in the 5x5 square, and each digit is either blue, orange, pink or white.

The number in the center is circled and a 30-second timer appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

The TikToker instructs viewers to count the numbers in reverse, from 25 to 1, finding as many numbers as possible before the clock expires.


“This is a visual reflex test that exercises your ability to transfer mathematical data to your brain and test your cognitive repetition skills,” he explains.

He also says that only the quickest thinkers can find all of the numbers in descending order before the time runs out. As the time ticks down, you find yourself scrambling to locate any that you have not yet identified.

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What Your Results to the Visual Reflex Test Mean

Cognitive recognition is what helps you to retrieve memories you have stored in your brain and compare it to imagery presented to you. So, when you are searching for the numbers in the test, you are referencing what you remember them to look like. In addition, you’re drawing on your "serial memory" to count down from 25.


In order to recognize the numbers in the test, you would first need to have been exposed to them and be familiar with them. Good cognitive recognition means you can recognize people, places, and things that you have seen before and identify what you have not seen as unfamiliar to you.

So, what’s the point of the test and what do your results mean?

First, it tells you how quickly the parts of your eyes work to identify the numbers, then it lets you know if your brain has the cognition skills to associate what you’ve seen with information stored in its vast database and determine what should come next.

The benefits of good cognitive skills are enhanced learning capacity, better problem-solving, increased comprehension, and good memory. Cognitive impairment can make navigating life difficult and can be brought on by conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


The ability to find all 25 numbers in the test tells you that your eye reflexes and cognitive recognition might be superior to those of others. On the other hand, if you really struggled to get through it and didn’t find many, and are concerned, a check-in with your doctor couldn’t hurt.

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