The Optical Illusion Test That Tells You If You Are More Creative Or More Analytical

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Optical illusions are commonly used to learn about the human psyche. There are those that turn simple changes into unrecognizable faces, make people look alien-like, cause you to hallucinate, and even determine how much creativity you have.

Optical illusions that determine which side of the brain you use have been making their rounds on social media. People have been extremely interested in knowing whether they favor their logical and strategical side, or their creative and imaginative side.

The optical illusion determines which side of the brain you use most, the left or right. And it is super simple, based solely on which image of a face you find to be the happiest.

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Which face is happier? This personality mind test will reveal if you are left-brained or right-brained.

The test and how to take it are shared by TikToker Savvas Trichas. He introduces the psychology test by asking which of the two faces, A or B, that appear above his head you find happier.

Trichas tells viewers that the answer will reveal how their brain works.



The TikToker goes on to explain that our brains have two hemispheres, the left and right. The test is meant to show what side of yours is dominant and what that means in relation to your personality.

Picture "A" is a face with a half-smile and one eyebrow, each going downward on the left, while picture "B" is that exact opposite. The photo as been flipped, and the features reversed.

Your left brain is responsible for analyzing, your sense of logic, generating ideas, retaining facts, making calculations, and learning. The right side houses your creativity, intuition, art and creation talents, feelings, and your imagination.

There is no better or worse way to be, just different.

What Your Results Mean

Now that you’ve looked at the two faces, decided which one appeared to be happiest to you, and write it down. Trichas uploaded a second part that explains what the face you chose means.



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If you chose Face A:

If you picked Face A, your left-brain hemisphere is dominant. This means you are a very practical and reasonable person.

Your decisions are carefully considered, and you follow reason, not your heart. You are analytical and logical and generally aware.

If you chose Face B:

All photos: Al Seckel, “The Great Book of Optical Illusions”

If you picked Face B, your right-brain hemisphere is dominant. You are a very creative, original, and social person.

You use your heart and intuition to make important decisions and are guided by how things make you feel. You tend to be optimistic and resourceful.

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