What The Shape Of Your Birthmark Reveals About You

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Every human body is unique with its own features. Whether it's moles, scars, or markings on the skin, all are exclusive to one person and may carry a special meaning. And one particularly special marking is a birthmark.

Birthmarks are a type of skin lesion already present when a baby is born. They are a sign of trauma or injury inflicted on the skin in the womb.

Most birthmarks are not hereditary so they are not passed down from the parents; however, some birthmarks may be the result of a genetic defect that can be inherited.

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There are many causes of birthmarks, but most commonly, they are a vascular lesion (a build-up of blood vessels beneath the skin) or a collection of lymphatic fluid. Birthmarks come in all shapes and sizes and can also vary in color — black, red, blue, white, and brown are most common.

Over 10% of people have birthmarks, but some types of birthmarks are less prevalent, like Port Wine Stains at just 0.3%.

What do birthmarks symbolize?

The symbolism of birthmarks differs from one culture or religion to the next, but most agree that they are more than just blemishes on the skin.

Birthmarks tell the history of who you are and where you came from. They can represent family, and genetic history and culture.

Biblically speaking, a birthmark can identify the lineage you belong to as well as the traditions or belief systems you subscribe to.

For instance, circumcision at birth by Jewish people is a sign that they belong to God and are protected. It’s a symbol of special favor.

Black birthmarks are seen as a sign that God is leading you on a journey of healing from emotional trauma. But black birthmarks can also be a sign of victory, signaling that you have overcome adversity.

People with prophetic gifts are born with birthmarks. It indicates a divine assignment from God.

Another biblical and spiritual interpretation is that you have been blessed with a “third eye,” a gift of seeing beyond what is physically there.

Similarly, a birthmark symbolizes intuition. Specifically, a salmon patch on the right side of the face represents the Holy Spirit within and an ability to read the hearts of those around you.

Spiritual Meaning of Birthmarks

There are also spiritual and cultural interpretations surrounding birthmarks. And not all of them are positive.

In Japan, it is believed that pregnant women should not stare into fire. Doing so will result in the child being burned and born with a birthmark.

Other cultures believe a birthmark is a telltale sign of an impending early death. On the other hand, Europeans believe that touching them brings good fortune.

During the Salem Witch Trials, birthmarks were considered a mark of the devil. They were taken as proof of witchcraft.



Birthmark Shape Meanings & Symbolism

Dependent on the shape of your birthmark, the meaning can be interpreted in several ways. Here are some of the most common birthmark shapes and their meanings.

Star-Shaped Birthmark Meaning

Star-shaped birthmarks can occur anywhere on the body, although most commonly occur on the face.

They are believed to represent celestial objects like the stars, the moon, and the sun, symbolizing sensitivity and emotion.

Star-shaped birthmarks show creativity and fondness for art and music, but can be a sign that you will struggle in the love department.

Circular Or Oval Birthmark Meaning

A round birthmark can indicate that you will benefit from harmony, happiness, and success in your life. They also spell out a likelihood of good health and longevity.

A circular or oval birthmark is often called an angel kiss or stork bite. Furthermore, if your baby is born with the mark on his or her head, they have been born with natural leadership skills.

Butterfly-Shaped Birthmark Meaning

Butterfly-shaped birthmarks are unusual and can be found anywhere on the body. They are usually multi-colored and feature dots or lines.

They, too, symbolize a lifetime of joy and happiness in most cultures. Finding this birthmark on your body is a sign of good things to come.

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Heart-Shaped Birthmark Meaning

Hearts are symbolic in many ways, and all are positive. But the meaning of them is up for debate.

Many think that having a heart-shaped birthmark means that you are loving and devoted, and will receive the same from others. Others believe it illustrates your ability to have deep feelings. Either way, those born with a heart-shaped birthmark are considered lucky.

Ring-Shaped Birthmark Meaning

A ring-shaped birthmark is like a circle, except it is open in the middle and not filled in. As you might imagine, they carry the same meaning.

Both signify love, success and joy throughout your life.

Bullet Hole-Shaped Birthmark Meaning

Having a birthmark shaped like a bullet hole is as bad as it sounds. It may be an indication of a death or injury in a past life.

But you may not have been shot. You could have been stabbed with a knife or dagger. Either way, your death was not of natural causes.

But the news is not all bad about bullet hole-shaped birthmarks. They exemplify a resilience and strength within you.

Diamond-Shaped Birthmark Meaning

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Having a diamond-shaped birthmark is just as special.

This marking is a symbol of wisdom, stability, and harmony. You can maintain good relationships with anyone you meet.

Diamond-shaped birthmarks also suggest that you will live a life of peace and tranquility, avoiding unnecessary drama.

Leaf-Shaped Birthmark Meaning

The presence of a leaf-shaped birthmark such as a four-leaf clover is a strong indicator that you will live a life of good luck and good fortune.

You take things in stride, and are always finding ways to grow and mature. Everything you put your heart into will come to fruition.

Cross-Shaped Birthmark Meaning

Bearing a cross on your body at birth is a sure sign that you were of royalty or divinity in a past life.

Crosses mean that you can see and understand things that others don’t. Like a third eye, you possess some psychic powers.

Animal-Shaped Birthmark Meaning

Animal-shaped birthmarks represent a spiritual connection to the animal kingdom. They vary depending on the type of animal.

For instance, bears exemplify strength, while birds are a signal of an ability to soar to new heights.

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