What It Means If You Have A Tiny Hole Above Your Ear

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Every person on this planet has unique physical characteristics the make them stand out from others. Some people were born with scars or “defects,” while others intentionally create them.

Either way, these beauty marks or blemishes that differentiate you most likely have a spiritual meaning that can inform you of your life path, strengths and weaknesses.

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Have you ever noticed that some people have a super small hole on top of the ear or in front of their ear canal? Perhaps you thought it was a piercing, but this extra hole is actually known as a preauricular sinus pit.

Mostly found near the right ear, this condition is usually harmless. The hole marks a sinus tract that simply ended up on the wrong place. But what is the spiritual meaning behind the mysterious hole in front of your ear?

Hole in the Ear Spiritual Meaning

Now that we are clear on the medical reasons people might end up with a hole near their ear, let’s discuss what it could mean spiritually.

The good news is that there are no negative connotations for this rare condition. It’s generally associated with blessings and abundance!

1. You have psychic abilities.

In some cultures, especially those in Africa and Asia, it is believed that those with preauricular sinus pits carry psychic powers. The tiny hole is considered an additional source for “hearing.”

This does reference audible sound, as well as the ability to pick up things around you that others may not see. You have the ability to “hear” what others are thinking without them speaking the words.

You may also be able to anticipate things that could happen in the future based simply off your intuition. This psychic ability may be hard to understand as you won’t have any logical reasoning to back it up.

2. You are surrounded by abundance.

The small hole in front of your ear canal is commonly thought to be a sign of abundance. This means that you can strive for and obtain a life of luxury and know what it takes to maintain it.

People with this spiritual gift tend to be selfless and generous. They never covet their wealth for themselves but share it and use what they have to help others.

3. You are connected to a higher power.

There is a belief that those exhibiting this mark have a unique connection to a higher power. They are known to be wise and have a keen ability to overcome challenges and learn valuable lessons.

These people have a divine calling to change the world, and therefore have been given the opportunity to receive spiritual messages or guidance to achieve what they have set out to do.

4. You are lucky.

Most cultures believe that the small hole by the ear symbolizes a life filled with good luck. It is seen as a form of protection, ensuring you have good health and will live a long life.

It is said that you will always gain advantages in whatever situations you encounter in life, and that crises and disasters will be few and far between.

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5. You pierced your ear to show respect.

Many people with the small hole in front of their ears have opted to put a piercing there. In many cultures, it is seen as a signal of your respect for the divine and for your ancestors.

6. You practice Hinduism.

The practice of piercing the ears is very significant in the Hindu culture. In addition to showing respect for the divine, it indicates wealth and abundance. The piercings are often ornamented with gold and diamonds.

Hole in the Ear Biblical Meaning

In addition to the spiritual meanings of a hole in the ear, there are biblical associations. Like all other theories, these are positive relations and the condition is considered a blessing.

The Fish Theory

The fish theory is both scientific and religious. Scientifically, the theory is that the hole in the ear were left behind when humans evolved from fishes. Biologist Neil Shubin refers to this as your “inner fish.”

Biblically speaking, the fish recurs in many spiritual paths. In Christianity, the fish symbolizes Jesus and the divine connection. It is connected to giving, abundance, good fortune, and psychic abilities.

Biblical References

In the Book of Exodus, the passage, “His master shall pierce his ear with an awl," translates to voluntary servitude. In other words, the slave was loyal to his master due to the way he was treated. The piercing represented loyalty and humanity.

In Psalms, the passage, “Mine ears hast thou opened,” also represents service to God. It symbolizes the value of devoting your body to God and a life of service.

Is it luck to have a hole in your ear?

No matter what spiritual or religious reason you attribute this hole in the ear to, chances are that if you have one, you are lucky.

There are no negative connotations in any culture, so if you happen to have this affliction, consider it a blessing!

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