What Your Birthmark Says About You, Based On Ancient Superstition

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What Your Birthmark Says About You, Based On Superstition

If you're trying to decide whether or not your boyfriend is husband material, there are loads of things to think about. Marriage is a big deal. 

Does he want kids? Does he want to buy a house? Do you communicate well? Is he just three small boys sitting on each other's shoulders beneath a trench coat? Those are just the first four that popped into my head. 

One thing you've probably never considered about your future husband is whether or not his birthmarks reveal good omens. 

Yup, just when you thought it was safe to go around existing, it turns out that your birthmarks can reveal more about personality than your song lyric riddled high school livejournal. 

According to ancient Chinese superstition, where a birthmark is located on a person can tell you everything you need to know about whether or not you want to make them your hubby supreme. 


A birthmark on your stomach can indicate that a person is greedy or selfish. But double check, it could just be a smear of delicious ice cream.


A birthmark in the middle of your chest can indicate that this person will have great fortune later in life. Keep this one around, even if they're always asking you to spot them at the bar. They'll pay you back eventually.


A birthmark on the jaw can indicate a health problem or a poor lifestyle. Luckily these are easily hidden with concealer... LIAM.


Birthmarks on your back means you take the truth seriously. They also mean you are open minded and up for anything. So bring on the orgy tent


If you've got birthmarks on your legs you tend to be a little hesitant to make a decision. It's easier for you if someone else helps you decide what to do next. It is frustrating to watch Netflix with you.


A birthmark on the right shoulder can indicate that you're great with money. A birthmark on the left shoulder can indicate that you are an unholy mess when it comes to dollars. 


A birthmark on your finger indicates that you are super independent, and love making your own decisions. You are basically Beyonce.


A birthmark on the right arm of man means husband material. He's good with kids and great around the home. If you're a woman with a birthmark on your right arm, you are career driven and eat babies for breakfast. Only one of those facts is true.