What Your Birthmark Says About You, According To Ancient Superstition

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Birthmarks are cool, sometimes odd markings on one's body that tell a story. There are many different spiritual beliefs about what birthmarks mean, both good and bad. They are called Angel Kisses or Marks of the Devil.

Some believe birthmarks indicate how you died in a past life, while others say these markings reveal what kind of person you are or will be. However, there are those who think birthmarks are a sign that Satan has touched you.

Just when you thought it was safe to go around existing, it turns out that your birthmarks can reveal many things about your personality

What does the location of a birthmark mean?

According to ancient Chinese superstition, where a birthmark is located on a person can tell you everything you need to know about them.

The location of a birthmark reveals many things about a person including their personality, the manifestation of strong emotions they receive, what the mother ate during pregnancy, and even a past life trauma they've endured.

Birthmarks, in general, symbolize who you are, your family history, or even a sign of prophetic gifts and divine guidance. Birthmark locations carry great importance in Chinese culture, as well as many other religions and cultures.

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Birthmark Location Meanings

Stomach Birthmark Meaning

Stomach birthmarks are said to be directly related to the solar plexus and sacral chakras; both chakras are associated with independence, willpower, personal identity, emotions, and creativity.

According to Iranian lore, when a mom touches her stomach repeatedly while pregnant, the baby will be born with a mark in the same spot. Generally speaking, however, a birthmark on your stomach can indicate that a person is greedy or selfish.

Chest Birthmark Meaning

A birthmark in the middle of your chest can indicate that you will have great fortune later in life. It suggests you will have a balanced and stable life ahead and enjoy having adventures.

Jaw Birthmark Meaning

A birthmark on the jaw can indicate a health problem or a poor lifestyle. It also means great masculine energy, no matter the gender. If you have this birthmark, you are often drawn towards the physical as opposed to intellectual.

Face Birthmark Meaning

Face birthmark meanings differ depending on their location. However, face birthmarks are often associated with good fortune, health, emotional well-being, and being strong-willed. They also symbolize creativity, humor, and a knack for diplomacy.

Forehead Birthmark Meaning

A birthmark on the forehead has several different meanings depending on the location within the forehead.

A center forehead birthmark means you are attractive and will have numerous relationships in your lifetime. A left-sided forehead birthmark means you are spontaneous, adventurous, creative, and will be passionate about living life to the fullest. A right-sided forehead birthmark means you are incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable.

Neck Birthmark Meaning

Neck birthmarks are quite bold. Back-of-the-neck birthmarks, often called "stork bites," indicate that you will gain great success only at the price of sacrificing family time. Front neck birthmarks represent vitality within a person; you are often realistic and can push through obstacles.

Mouth Birthmark Meaning

Mouth birthmarks represent a person who will be talkative, especially if it's on a woman. The birthmark also indicates wealth and good fortune.

In some cultures, having a birthmark on your mouth or lips is an indication of your wealth and social status within the community. They are also seen as a sign of privilege.

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Back Birthmark Meaning

Birthmarks on your back mean you take the truth seriously, and are open-minded and up for anything. You are brutally blunt when people ask for your opinion and will try almost anything once.

However, if you have a birthmark on your lower back, it means that you can easily adapt to any situation you find yourself in.

Leg Birthmark Meaning

If you have a birthmark on your legs, you tend to be a little hesitant to make a decision. It's easier if someone else helps you decide what to do next. However, the only time where you are anything but indecisive is when it comes to travel. Those with leg birthmarks are said to be great world travelers.

Thigh Birthmark Meaning

A birthmark on the inner thigh represents good fortune when it comes to money. It also represents a pleasant personality and respect from others. In all cases, a birthmark on your thigh is a sign of good luck.

Shoulder Birthmark Meaning

A birthmark on the right shoulder can indicate that you are great with money, and welcome luck and success. A birthmark on the left shoulder could indicate that you are an unholy mess when it comes to finances.

Finger Birthmark Meaning

A birthmark on your finger indicates that you are incredibly independent and enjoy making your own decisions. (You are basically Beyoncé.)

Arm Birthmark Meaning

Arm birthmarks differ in meaning depending on gender. But, generally, arm birthmarks tend to represent people who give more to the world than they receive back.

A birthmark on the arm of a man means he's a homemaker and gets his joy through family and love. If you're a woman with a birthmark on your right arm, it means you have a loyal and nurturing character.

Foot Birthmark Meaning

Foot birthmarks change based on gender. For a man with a foot birthmark, it means he likes to travel. A woman with the same birthmark means she values actions not words.

Heel Birthmark Meaning

Heel birthmarks actually only mean one thing in life: They represent people who are fighters. That doesn't mean they will always throw hands, it means they will fight for what they believe in, when they feel they are being treated unfairly, and to make the world a better place.

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Nose Birthmark Meaning

Those who have a nose birthmark are known to be unpredictable, as well as creative, diligent, and impulsive. However, this specific marking signals people who are generous spirits but can be extremely blunt no matter the gender.

Women who have a nose birthmark are said to be easy-going, funny, and quite sociable. Men who have this birthmark are known to be well-traveled and will often make fun of themselves to get a laugh.

Eye Birthmark Meaning

Eye birthmarks vary in meaning depending on the shape and location (left, right, in, or around the eye).

Right-eye birthmarks often mean you are frugal with money and that finances come easily to you. Left-eye birthmarks tend to symbolize sexual desires. A birthmark directly on the eye means you may have been burned there or that you witnessed what led to your death in a past life.

Ear Birthmark Meaning

Ear birthmarks indicate that you care deeply about originality. You are ambitious, independent, and even a bit rebellious. An ear birthmark can also represent good luck and professional success. In ancient China, those born with ear birthmarks were blessed with intelligence and creativity.

Hand Birthmark Meaning

Hand birthmarks are often associated with the concept of giving and taking. Right-handed birthmarks mean a person takes more than they give while left-handed birthmarks represent people who give more than they take.

A birthmark on the palm of your hand symbolizes that you depend heavily on family and friends, perhaps more than you should. It also represents people who are open to the world and look to it for reassurance and guidance.

Buttocks Birthmark Meaning

Birthmarks on the buttocks are meant to be very positive, in general. If the markings are on the right side it signifies the person is sociable, cheerful, and outgoing. If the birthmark is on the left side, it represents longevity.

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