10 Best Places To Get A Hidden Tattoo

Elegant, but hidden places for your next tattoo.

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When I was eight years old my parents took me to a circus sideshow. This wasn't normally the kind of thing my parents would do, but we had a friend in town working the sideshow as a magician and it seemed only right that we go and support them. Of course, my parents had no idea that I'd ignore our friend entirely and become completely obsessed with the tattooed man, a fellow whose entire face, head, and most of his body were entirely covered in tattoos. "I want to be like him," I said, surely to my parents' abject horror.


While I would grow up to be a person who got a bunch of tattoos, and some hidden tattoos, as an adult I lost my passion for getting tattoos that were so darn in your face that they were, well... on your face! That said, I have never gone out of the way to hide my tattoos, either. But that's just me. I know plenty of folks who are thinking about getting ink but have held back because they worry that doing so would make them unemployable. Thankfully, that's where hidden tattoos come in. There is a wealth of great ideas out there for tattoo locations and places to get tattoos, but the biggest part of getting one of these bad boys is figuring out what part of your body to put it on. If you want to make sure nobody sees the ink that you're rocking, try putting your hidden tattoo in one of these places. 


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Here are 10 best places to get a hidden tattoo:

1. Fingers

When you get a tattoo on your finger, particularly in between the fingers, you're sure to keep your ink on the DL. Plus, then you can whip it out at parties to impress people who assumed you were a square. 



2. Inner thigh

This is a location that hurts a lot to get inked and takes a while to heal, but it's also a great place to keep your tattoo hidden. Make sure you follow your tattoo artist's instructions on aftercare to the letter.


3. Armpit

If you can manage to sit still while this one is happening, you might just have found the perfect place for a hidden tattoo. Plus, you might find that you're shaving your armpits a lot more than usual just to take in the splendor of your new ink.

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4. Underbreast

What happens underneath the breast, stays underneath the breast! Unless, you know, you want to share it.

5. Sole

That's right, on the bottom of your foot. It doesn't get more hidden than that. But try and resist the urge to pee yourself with ticklishness when it's happening.



6. Eyelid 

Not exactly a choice for the faint of heart, but an idea if keeping your tattoos hidden is an option.


7. Butt 

Unless you go around flashing your butt to all and sundry, chances are your butt tattoo can stay nice and secretive. Keep in mind: that's a lot of tattoos over muscle! 

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8. Tongue 

Play peekaboo and have people wondering, does she or doesn't she with this edgy tattoo placement

9. Teeth 

I love love love love the "tooth tattoo" practice of embedding tiny gems in your tooth! It's a great way to bling out and still go under the radar. 


10. Back of neck 

With this one, it's all about hair length. The longer your hair may be the bigger your tattoo can be! 

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