These Photos Show What Happens To Tattoos As You Age

This is your future, young people with tats.

old man with face tattoos Donald Teel on Unsplash

You wouldn't know it by looking at the number of people with tattoos today, but it used to be that only outlaws of a sort were inked. If you had tattoos, especially if you were a woman, society thought of you as hard, weird and strange.

Older people who have tattoos got them long before they became popular. They didn't get inked because it was trendy — they did it as a way of expressing themselves in a radical way.


With so much tailored to the young, older people are often invisible and are thought of as irrelevant, but when a senior citizen is heavily inked, you can't help but notice them.

What happens to tattoos when you get old?

There's no denying that tattoos change as you age. Factors such as loss of skin elasticity, sun exposure, weight gain or loss, and natural skin cell renewal may cause tattoos to fade, stretch, grow blurry. The extent of any such "damage" depends on your nutrition, hydration, the quality of the ink used, and the location on your body, among other things.

Some arguments against tattoos therefore revolve around the thinking that they will look "awful" on wrinkled and aging skin, when actually, older people with tattoos look fabulous. Their tattoos tell the stories of their lives and will continue to last as their memories start to fade.


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If you're still on the fence about whether or not to get a tattoo because you're worried about what they'll look like when you get old, here are 13 photos of inked senior citizens who show that they're still as vibrant and colorful as the tattoos they so proudly wear.

11 pictures of old people with tattoos

1. An inked older couple

tattooed older couplePhoto by Jack Frog on Shutterstock


He's completely inked and completely still in love.

2. Older woman with an arm tattoo

older woman with arm tattooPhoto by Sabrina Bracher on Shutterstock

If you think she regrets it, just look at that smile.

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3. Man with a face full of tats

old man with face tattoosPhoto by Donald Teel on Unsplash


Anybody who's met this man will never forget him.

4. Tattooed old boxer

tattooed old boxerPhoto by farinsia on Shutterstock

We're sure his tough exterior is covering up his heart of gold.

5. Older man with arm tattoos

older man with arm tattoosPhoto by ltummy on Shutterstock


If those tats could talk, I wonder what stories they'd tell.

6. Beautiful older woman with arm and chest tattoos

beautiful older woman with arm and chest tattoosPhoto by Krakenimages on Shutterstock

This woman is proof that a woman of a certain age can still be hot.

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7. Fading hand tattoo on an older man

fading tattoo on old man's handPhoto by MariaNikiforova on Shutterstock


Tattoos do fade over time, but in many ways, that just makes them more beautiful.

8. Tattooed senior surfer

tattooed senior surferPhoto by DisobeyArt on Shutterstock

Could this man get any hotter?

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9. Grandpa with a "Mum" tattoo

Mom tattoos are forever.


10. Tattooed old rocker.

tattooed old rocker

Photo by Hatim Belyamani on Unsplash

We're pretty sure he's still the life of every party.

11. Arm tattoo on an older man with his loving wife

arm tattoo on an older man with his loving wifePhoto by Marisa Howenstine on Unsplash


Another couple proving that even though your tattoos may fade, your love doesn't have to.

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