15 Best Hidden Tattoo Placement Ideas For People Who Don't Want Visible Ink

You can still express yourself through your ink.

15 Best Hidden Tattoo Placement Ideas For People Who Don't Want Visible Ink getty

Tattoos have increased in popularity in recent years. Artists have them, and actors flaunt them. Musicians rock them, soccer moms sport them, and many people in corporate America "have ink" — though, in the latter, tattoo placement often favors hidden tattoos, as there is still a certain stigma that comes from having ink.

So what do you do if you have tattoo ideas and want one, but work in an environment which prevents you from showing off said ink? Well, you get smart. You get sneaky, and you get creative.


Here are the 15 best tattoo placement locations for people who don’t want (or can’t have) visible ink.

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1. Back Tattoo


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One of the easiest ways to hide a tattoo is to place it on your back. Why? This location is almost always concealed by clothing.


2. Rib Tattoo



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Much like back tattoos, rib tattoos are rarely seen — save for in the bedroom, at the beach, or when sporting crop tops.

3. Stomach Tattoo

Stomach tattoos — like rib and back tattoos — are easy to conceal. Simply put on a shirt (or dress) and boom, your ink is hidden.


4. Hip Tattoo


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The hip, always under the cover of clothes, is a sexy but subtle location for tattoos.

5. Inner lip Tattoo



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While this tattoo location may not be as well known as others, inner lip tattoos are the perfect spot for secret ink. So what’s the drawback? Well, space is limited — very limited — meaning these tattoos are small and simplistic. (Think four- or five-letter words.)


6. Upper Thigh Tattoo


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Thigh tattoos are may seem like an odd choice, as your upper legs aren’t always covered, but since the area is easy enough to conceal — with pants or a long skirt — this location does offer a good deal of secrecy.

7. Chest Tattoo


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The chest is a great canvas for large but hidden pieces. Seriously. This spot is often covered but, when it’s not, it has the potential to make a big statement.


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8. Below Breast Tattoo


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Like chest tattoos, below the breast tattoos are almost always hidden by clothing. They are only “revealed” when the wearer is naked or in a bikini.


9. Butt Tattoo



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With “padding” and privacy, the butt is one of the easiest locations to tattoo and hide. Why? Well, unless you’re naked or in a bathing suit, this location is always hidden by your clothes.

10. Foot Tattoo (top or bottom)



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Foot tattoos are interesting, as they aren’t always a secret. Top of the foot work can be seen in sandals, strappy shoes, and/or high heels. However, these areas can be covered by many types of footwear — making them a great addition to this list.


11. Armpit Tattoo


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Armpit tattoos may sound strange but they are a great place for a hidden tattoos because, unless you are going strapless, this area is almost always covered by clothing.

12. Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are unique in that they aren’t always concealed. Wearers can “show them off” with shorts and sandals. However, if you need (or want) to hide your tattoo, you just need to wear socks or stockings.


13. Inner Arm Tattoo


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While inner arm tattoos can be seen when you wear sleeveless shirts and/or tube tops, this location is a good choice for individuals looking to get a tattoo which can be be easily be shown (or covered up).

14. Ear Tattoo


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If you have long hair and want a small, simple piece, you may want to consider placing it behind your ear, as this location is easy to conceal with a hat or the right hairdo.


15. Head Tattoo



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While this location may not be popular as the others on this list, head tattoos are “a thing.” In fact, several musical artists and actors sport this ink. (Including Jamie Foxx!) If you want a subtle tattoo, this may be the spot for you.

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