The 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites

Give these sites a chance to transform your life.

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What the future holds is the ultimate question to which we all want to find answers. Since the dawn of time, people have been searching for divine guidance in oracles, soothsayers, and psychics.

Your destiny is not set in stone, and every decision you make can change the course of your life forever. With the convenience of the internet and mobile applications, you are only a few clicks away from finding your answers.


We can understand your fear and apprehension in trusting online psychics, as there are numerous fraudulent websites out there that prey on unsuspecting victims. Luckily, we have performed extensive research to provide you with a list of the best online psychic reading sites.

Knowing that each individual struggles with different life challenges, our aim is to match you with psychic readers that will not just answer your questions but also provide emotional support and confidence to transform your life.

From your career problems and romantic life issues to mind-boggling financial decisions, online psychics can help through it all.


Let's take a look at the best online psychic reading websites.

1. Kasamba: Best Psychic Reading Online Website

kasamba online psychic reading site

With two decades of experience and over four million past users, Kasamba takes the top spot in the online psychic reading world with their naturally gifted psychics devoted to helping those who are lost and need enlightenment.

Whether your main concern is finding your true soulmate, or if you are trying to achieve your career goalS, a brief chat with one of Kasamba’s psychics will bring you the answers you are looking for.


Kasamba’s priority is to ensure its users feel comfortable opening up and speaking freely. So, the site offers comprehensive ways of communicating with its clients, including readings via phone, chat, and email.

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What does Kasamba offer?

Kasamba understands that people can be skeptical about psychics and future predictions, so they built their online psychic reading platform to accommodate every customer's needs. If you are hesitant, you can be sure they are going to bring down every misconception you have.

Putting your trust in Kasamba as a completely safe and transparent site, you could gain crucial info about your relationships, health, and finances. Kasamba’s psychics are so well trained that they can instantly get into your mind, heart, and psyche to feel the best way out of your troubles.


Kasamba is entirely transparent, as they share the profiles of all of their psychic readers, which helps customers earn their trust and make well-informed decisions. The platform also has a procedure to filter out inexperienced or fake psychic readers, so you do not have to worry about being scammed.

You can see their psychic readers' resumes, ratings, and reviews from users. Once you have chosen the preferred psychic, all you have to do is click on the chat option, and you will be guided through the process. Once you complete your registration, you will be ready to receive your reading.

The diversity of services they provide is definitely their forte, as they cover every possible range one can be facing struggles with:

Psychic Readings Online: We all know this is something most people like to do in person. But having access to an online psychic at any time is ideal, and it has already proven to be fruitful for many people.


In addition, you can select your desired subcategory from the following:

—Crystal Readings

—Aura Readings

—Pet Psychics

—Rune Casting

—Psychic Mediums

—U.K. PsychicsLove Readings

Love Readings: Relationships can be tricky, and who doesn't want to know if they have chosen their suitable life partner or when they are going to meet their soulmate?

Romance and relationships are a big deal, and no one wants to end up with a broken heart, which is why Kasamba offers more specific and personalized love readings, including:

—Cheating and Affairs

—Single and Dating

—Soulmate Connections

—Breaking-up and Divorce

—Parents and Children

—Marital Life


Tarot Card Readings: Online tarot card readings allow us to ask questions and find out more about the hidden parts of our inner self. If you want to see more about what is under the surface (fears, patterns of behavior, belief system), Kasamba offers two types of tarot readings: Cartomancy and Angel Card Reading

Fortune Telling: Having your destiny told from the palm of your hand or by spiritual vision may seem far-fetched. Fortunately, however, Kasamba has almost 200 psychics that specialize in this rare gift.

Dream Analysis: Are you wondering what your dream from last night really means? The truth is our unconscious mind is trying to send us an important message, and chances are, it does not mean what you think it does.

Dreams say a lot about us, and sometimes they come as warning signs whenever we are about to face great changes. So, you can contact a psychic who specializes in this matter to help you find the real purpose of your dreams.



—Highly experienced psychics

—Over 20 years of experience

—Wide range of services

—Free three minutes

—Satisfaction guarantee


—Expensive compared to other websites

—No video chat readings

Customer Reviews: The site has been praised among its customers for being one of the best online psychic reading sites, and the review rates are largely positive. On the other hand, some of the customers stated they were unsatisfied with the prices they charge.

2. Keen: Best Website for Famous Psychics

keen online psychic reading site


One of the main reasons why Keen is skyrocketing in the area of online psychic readings is the easy access to all of their services due to the simple layout of the site. With two decades of experience, Keen is proclaimed as a seasoned veteran in its domain. Even the newest users will not have trouble navigating the website.

With the deep connection Keen’s psychics offer while discussing matters of the heart, clients embark on this journey to discover the fascinating universe of foretelling, which their advisors transmit with ultimate calmness.

What does Keen offer?

It will not be an overwhelming task to choose from the variety of psychics, as they have an interactive tool to assist you in locating your ideal advisor. As a result, you will not have to worry that the selected psychic will not suit your needs. You simply have to answer some questions, and the right match will appear on your screen.


Also, their customer support service is available to help the clients when needed. In addition, Keen provides information about how the process of the online psychic readings work and has great options for starters.

A typical reading does not take too long, since their advisors are professionally skilled to answer all of your questions without unnecessary confusion or ambiguity. The psychics give you quick and amazing insights into whatever concerns you, and also provide certain solutions related to your situation.

Financial Outlook: Financial problems are the biggest cause of worry or stress, and these kinds of struggles can take a huge toll on your mental health.

So, there are specialized psychic advisors that can give you guidance on how to overcome these obstacles. They will also give you proper counsel on how you can resolve a particular aspect that stagnates your income.


Spiritual Readings: Spiritual readings help to find balance and calmness through connecting to your senses. What kind of message does your future want to give you? Are you feeling so much disturbance in your everyday schedule that you find yourself completely detached from your intuition?

Keen's psychics specialize in this kind of ability, and it may help you feel more connected and collected.

Astrology Advice: What is the best life advice you need according to your birth chart? Taking a deep look into your planet's aspects can tell a lot about what areas in your life you need to be more cautious about, and what the right path is, which you should take to accomplish your purpose.

The experienced astrology advisors with Keen can interpret the positions of the planets when you were born to provide you with answers.


Life Questions: The right decision can lead you to the right things in your life, but a bad decision can make you feel regretful in the long run. Nobody wants to make a mistake when it comes to an important life matter because there is not always a second chance to choose again.

So, before doing it, approach the advisors to save yourself from any havoc.


—Online psychic readings since 1999

—Various communication methods

—Over 1,700 internet psychics to choose from

—Every adviser is appraised and evaluated by the customers

—Quick readings


—May be too expensive for some

—No refunds

Customer Reviews: Customers that look for reasonable prices for online readings mostly choose Keen because it is highly affordable. You can get a 10-minute online psychic reading for $1.99, and the system is capable of assisting people through any issue they may be facing.


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3. AskNow: Best Psychic Readers for Career and Money Questions

asknow online psychic reading site

Situated at the pinnacle of the spiritual world, AskNow is one of the largest psychic portals out there. With an outstanding reputation, it offers a deep connection with psychics from various fields and specializations.


One of the most remarkable things is the energy their psychics transmit to their clients, which is evident through their profound eyes and defined facial features.

If you are extremely shy and hesitant about opening up to others, you can rest easy, as their psychics know exactly how to make you feel comfortable and give you genuine support.

What does AskNow offer?

Finding a good online psychic that suits your needs can be challenging. However, AskNow has your back, as it has advanced search filters that can help you find exactly what you need.

The meticulous screening process is the main part of their success, since each psychic gets evaluated based on their skills, practice, commitment, and accuracy. Its advisors are ranked in three levels — top-rated advisors, elite advisors, and master advisors.


Furthermore, the company’s customer support is available 24/7 to assist you with any kind of help you need. You can also choose how to communicate with psychic readers, either through voice calls or via online chat.

AskNow provides fantastic deals for their new clients, as they offer a 30-minute reading with their master psychics for $1 per minute. You are not obligated to utilize all of the minutes at once, as they are valid for a year. You can also choose another psychic advisor if your first one does not meet your requirements and needs.

AskNow offers:

Career and Goals: Are you having trouble choosing your ideal profession or are you stuck on whether to make a career change? Are you working hard towards your career goals but do not see any improvement? The clarifications you need will be handed to you with this platform.


Marriage and Divorce: Marriage can prove to be challenging, so, at times, we all need guidance on what to do when certain problems arise. Luckily, some psychic masters teach the right techniques on how to endure the turbulence and come out on the other side.

Numerology: Calculating your birth date and your full name can give you important numbers that carry meaning about your life path. These numbers can give you an insight into your destiny, fate, talents, and weaknesses.

Daily Horoscopes: Checking your sun sign can reveal your life possibilities, as some information is hidden here that may even include lucky numbers that can make you win the lottery.

Lunar phases are important when making important changes, like moving into a new house or starting a new love relationship, and the astrologers on this site can provide you with custom daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes.



—Rigorous screening process while choosing advisors

—24/7 customer support

—Affordable prices for first-time customers

—Large number of categories

—User-friendly website


—Master and elite psychics are expensive

—No satisfaction guarantee

Customer Reviews: Thousands of people have provided satisfactory reviews about finding divine assistance with this platform. AskNow is a great choice for those who want to communicate with the psychics and connect with them in a spiritual way. Users have stated their advisors were completely truthful and trustworthy.

4. Oranum: Best Variety of Real Psychic Mediums

oranum online psychic reading site


Oranum is the site that takes the best online psychic readings to another level, as it provides face-to-face readings via a live web cam. You can meet your psychic before a reading, get to know them, and see if you two have a connection.

Oranum consists of only the most talented psychics that can sense the energy of their customers through their appearance and mood. This way, they can really dive into their deepest worries and problems to find the best possible solution.

This particular site is ideal for those who are puzzled regarding life decisions. Oranum can bring you an exclusive experience that will offer you a personalized reading, which will be much more accurate than others.

What does Oranum offer?


Oranum helps a wide variety of users, and its platform connects tarot reading masters, healers, psychics, clairvoyants, astrologers, and more from all around the world.

Oranum only selects the best psychics from all over the globe, and every applicant endures a very detailed screening process. So, only those that are highly qualified and trained in their domain are approved to become part of their platform.

In addition, Oranum created an amazing search criteria and price range for each bundle of sessions, which allows users to choose according to their budget. Another thing that will ensure you get your money’s worth is that you will be allowed to converse with the psychic of your choice before you decide to proceed with the payment.

If you feel uncomfortable being on a live webcam platform, they offer chat readings, too. Oranum steals the show when it comes to the range of psychic reading services they have to offer, as they include:


Pet Psychic: Are you wondering what is on your cat’s mind or why your dog is acting differently? Is your beloved animal missing or has recently passed away? Oranum’s skilled pet psychics can connect with your furry friend and pass their messages on to you.

Palm Readings: Palmistry is one of the oldest and most difficult future predicting practices that only a few can master.

Now, you can connect with one of those rare psychics that can read your destiny from your open hand, as every person possesses unique features that can predict their fate. So, you can find out what each line on your palm says about your past, present, and future.

Home and Family Readings: Family troubles can greatly affect someone's life.


If you worry about your children's future or wonder if it is the right time for any home investments, skilled advisors about family and home matters can provide you with the most convenient advice on what you should do in certain situations.

Sound Healing: If you are looking for a way to reduce stress and induce relaxation, the master technique that uses sound and vibrations can help you on your path to tranquility and peace of mind. Psychic sources of vibration include crystal bowls, drums, gongs, and koshi chimes.

Oranum has psychics specialized in these techniques that can bring you to a state of balance for your body, mind, and soul.


—Public live chat available


—Readings in various languages offered

—Large variety of occult practices and tools

—Affordable prices

—Free credits upon registration


—No satisfaction guarantee

—Some psychics do not have visible ratings in their bio

Customer Reviews: Users have rated Oranum as one of the most trustworthy psychic sites available on the internet. Customer reviews give a clear image of how efficient the psychics are, so there is no possibility you can be tricked into paying a psychic that will not be of any help to you.

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5. Mysticsense: Best Website for Free Spiritual Readings

mysticsense online psychic reading site


Mysticsense is a unique online psychic reading platform that stands out from others with the ability to search for psychics based on their tone and nature. So, this platform gives you the ability to choose a psychic with a very sympathetic, straightforward, expressive, or wise tone for your reading.

Since we all process information in our own way, it is important to choose a psychic that can give a reading specially customized just for you. Mysticsense works with amazing psychic readers that easily adjust to their customers’ energy, and many of their loyal customers stated they found respite in their guidance, advice, and clarity.

What does Mysticsense offer?


If your budget does not allow you to spend a fortune on online psychic readings, Mysticsense is the right place for you. There are no funny schemes, only very specific prices based on your needs. For instance, the maximum price for a reading is $10 per minute.

Knowing the struggle of new users finding the right psychic, they provide you with a trial period where you can test compatibility. You will get five free minutes as soon as you sign up and make your deposit, and this offer can be used with expensive and famous psychics, too.

Mysticsense goes the extra mile when it comes to helping their users feel comfortable by enabling the best methods of communication to ensure they have a successful experience. You can chat with a psychic, or, if you need a closer connection, you can get the best online psychic reading by phone.

This psychic reading platform has an array of services concerning romantic relationships, including breakups and divorce, LGBTQ relationships, life priorities, health difficulties, career path, and much more, including:


Health and General Well-being: There has been an increase in the search for methods to help with quarantine anxiety, and Mysticsense has a number of psychic healers who offer rituals that can improve your mental health. They also offer cleansing practices, such as energy healing that is made to help you ward away bad energy.

Talking about your issues and knowing there is more that surrounds all of us sometimes is the best medicine.

Insights Into Relationships, Family and Personal Affairs: Life is a journey, and when shared with the right people, it makes it more enjoyable. So, it is crucial to choose those who can be by your side no matter the circumstances, and consulting with an online psychic can help you figure out who would stick around for the long run.

Overall, fortune-tellers can assist you in strengthening your relationship situations.


Life Path, Career, and Money Insights: Every person has a mission on this planet, and sometimes we take wrong turns and go astray from our final purpose.

However, you can seek help from one of Mysticsense’s advisors to better understand how to get back on the right track and reach your goals. They will help you better understand the impact of your decisions and what choices need to be made.

Spiritual Messages: Do you often see some repeating patterns such as numbers or words? Or, do you often encounter certain animals, like ladybugs and butterflies?

These kinds of things are signifying omens that come to you as important matters, and here, you can find psychics specialized to convey these spiritual messages to you.



—Affordable rates

—Great selection of services

—Specific and personalized search features

—Free 5-minute reading offered

—Supplementary media to inform you on psychic topics


—Customer service is not very quick to respond

—No free horoscopes

Customer Reviews: The majority of the customers affirmed that Mysticsense is a real gem in the world of online psychic readings. Also, being a budget-friendly platform makes it top-notch. Clients seem especially pleased with the accuracy of the predictions, as they have praised this platform’s role in changing their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is an online psychic reading?

The accuracy of the readings depends on the experience and skill of the psychic reader. Psychics work on refining their skills, so they can get better accuracy.


Some are truly naturally gifted and can give you spot-on readings, even if they do not have much professional experience.

A psychic can tell you about events that are going to take place in the future or that have taken place in the past. They can also give insight on the hidden intentions the people around you have or the causes of their behavior towards you.

Medium psychics are those who connect with deceased loved ones to bring messages from them, which can help you find confirmations that these are coming from someone you have recently lost.

How do you prepare for an online psychic reading?

There is no need for special preparations, as a psychic reader taps into your energy to give you the reading. Your physical appearance has nothing to do with the reading; however, some psychics prefer their clients not wear any flashy clothes and ornaments, as they can be distracting.


Furthermore, if you have ever had a negative experience, your doubt may interfere with the results of the reading. But, a mature psychic still might be able to give you accurate information.

Either way, approach it with complete calmness and do not let your bias influence your current reading.

What kind of things can a psychic reader tell about me?

A psychic can tell you everything about your current problems, advise you on your relationship issues, help you better identify and understand your career goals, and predict future events so you can prepare in advance.

Some of the psychics can find links between your present and past life events, making you identify life patterns created by events that took place in the past life. With their help, you can start proper healing and break those painful patterns in your present life.


How do you choose the reading type?

Depending on the situation you are dealing with and the kind of solution you are seeking, it will not be difficult for you to find the right reading type. Just ask yourself the questions: "What am I feeling?" "What am I searching for?" or "What future event outcome am I interested in?"

If any questions about these things pop into your mind, then you will not have any trouble identifying the types of readings you need.


At the end of the day, we are all just human beings who need a little companionship. Granted, our loved ones, family, and friends will try to help us, but there is only so much they can do.

Often, some of those issues need to be handled by professionals, and the best psychics are perfectly capable to handle such tasks.


Currently, we are fortunate we can get the best psychics online anytime and anywhere using technology. So, the best online psychic reading sessions may provide clarity and allow you to accept the fact that there is something written in the stars, and some things happen for a divine reason.

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