How Psychic Mediums Are Changing The Way We Handle Death During Covid

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As Covid-19 spreads across the world, many families are stripped of their ability to say goodbye to their loved ones, mourning their loss in less-traditional ways.

With more than 102 million cases and 2.21 million deaths, Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it.

This disease has wreaked havoc on people from all walks of life, irrespective of ages, races, religions, and health states. It crept into our lives and robbed us of the sacred process of death and grief.

No one is safe. No one is in control.

It is a disease that hits all of a sudden, with no recourse. You wait and hope you survive.

Many have gotten this virus and recovered. But, despite all the current safety protocols, others have lost their lives and left family members reeling for answers and closure.

Most of those who recover are left with a bittersweet sense of relief and an overwhelming fear of re-contracting this deadly disease.

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Grief and death have been forever changed.

Families have suffered from not being able to say their final goodbye to loved ones at their bedside.

They cannot relay messages of love, say unspoken words, embrace those they most care about, and seek peace during the final moments.

Hospitals, morgues, and funeral homes are filled. Proper burials, celebrations of life, funerals, last rites, and wakes have become limited due to Covid-19 exposure risk.

Paying one's respects for the dead has been overshadowed by protecting the living.

The stages of grief are splintered into fragments of doubt, guilt, uncertainly, and helplessness. Covid leaves family members to grapple with many unanswered questions and the need for closure.

Mostly, they wonder if their loved ones died peacefully and know of their enduring love for them.

Others left behind often feel survivor’s guilt and lack closure, which makes their daily life almost unbearable.

Front line heroes are affected greatly.

The disease also affects those on the front lines. Our medical staff is exhausted emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

These front-line heroes become the bridge of communication with the families and the sick.

Christina, a nurse, shares this story:

"I'm losing patients that can't even count at the hospital anymore with Covid-19. One minute the patient would be fine and I come back the next day, and they are now on a ventilator or passed. It is so sad.

"Recently, I saw a healthy 27-year-old, crying ‘Help me’ and ‘Don’t let me die.' He passed.

"I can't stop crying right now. My patient just passed. She and her husband admitted at the same time.

"I sent her to ICU because I felt that she was getting worse and could not do anything. Her husband was there while she was on a vent and said, ‘I don't want this tube,’ with tears in her eyes.

"She passed as soon as he left. He's on high-flow oxygen, just trying to make it. She was only 47. I am an emotional wreck right now."

Frontliners become our hands, ears, touch, voice, hope, and inspiration. They find creative ways to involve loved ones throughout the healing process through phone, video, text, music, art, and more.

At personal risk, they work tirelessly to fight to keep our loved ones alive. Some, like their patients, succumb to Covid's deadly grip. Others continue to battle this invisible killer fiercely.

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Robbed of goodbyes.

With so many families being robbed by Covid-19 of the ability to communicate and say goodbye, many have turned to psychic mediums.

Covid strikes so fast, often leaving families with questions of their last thoughts, final wishes, messages, state of mind, and physical plight.

Tiffany, a widow, shares her story:

"He went to work that day. He came home and collapsed. He was rushed by ambulance. It was so sudden. We thought he was getting better. We had hope.

"Within days, he started to decline. He was soon placed on a ventilator. He was supposed to wake up, not die. My world has stopped. He was too young to die. We had our whole lives ahead of us.

"I have so much regret and things I could not say. He was a great father and husband. He was my rock, my hero. I can't even bury him. I can't see him. We can't say good-bye.

"Did he know we were not allowed to be with him and that we tried? Did he feel alone? It kills me knowing that he died alone without his family near him.

"Is he in heaven? Does he know that I love him? Does he know that his children love him? How will I know if he is around me?"

Psychic mediums bridge the communication gap beyond their loved ones and the spirit world.

Using their fine-tuned extrasensory perception, mediums can feel touch, smell, relay emotions, hear thoughts and voices, and receive mental impressions from the spirit world.

With so many families seeking answers about their loved ones' final days, mediums have become a telephone of closure.

Psychic mediums are providing families with messages of comfort and providing insight into the last moments of life.

Often, answering lingering questions and restoring a sense of peace to those left behind. They restore belief in an afterlife and the possibility of reconnection.

Mediums show us that our loved ones do not die — they go on.

They shed their physical body and become spiritual vessels. They remind us that even when we can't see, hear, or feel them, they are around.

Mediumship readings also encourage us to watch for signs and messages of the afterlife.

It might be as simple as a song on the radio, the smell of perfume, goosebumps, repetitive numbers, cardinal sighting, or a penny from heaven.

Loved ones often come into our dreams and reveal messages of healing. They can also appear or speak to reassure us that they're okay.

The one thing they want us to know is that death is only the beginning of a journey, a shedding of the physical shell, and a transformation.

Our loved ones will go above and beyond to get us a message of love from beyond the grave.

The best way to communicate with a loved one is to remember them with love and joy.

Remember them. Talk to them. They hear you. Write them letters. Sing to them. Bask in happy memories of them and invite them to visit you with joy in your heart.

Release those balloons, make that quilt, plant that flower, and bring the family to keep their memory alive. Send them your love, because they do feel it.

Our loved ones want to speak, comfort, guide, and empower us. We only have to love enough to listen.

Try a guided meditation to quiet your heart and mind to hear their subtle voices. It's comforting knowing that we do have guardian angels watching over us!

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Ericka Boussarhane is an American author, radio personality, public speaker, and professional psychic medium. Ericka has helped countless people with issues in relationships, grief, career, family, health, finance, death, crime, business, and more. She believes that we all have undeveloped psychic abilities and talents and that with the proper teaching we can harness and strengthen them.