The 15 Best Free Personality Tests On The Internet That Tell You Who You Really Are

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So, you love online quizzes but you have never taken a free personality test. What are you waiting for?

Is the fact that you've never taken a Myers-Briggs personality test so you have no idea whether you’re an ISTP or ISFP? Is not knowing your true personality keeping you up at night?

Fortunately, modern technology allows you to discover all of our strengths and weaknesses online. Not to mention, many of them are free!

Not sure where to start? Here are 15 of the best free personality tests you can take online.

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In terms of all personality tests, Myers-Briggs is probably the best known and most revered. It also has stood the test of time.

According to Heidi McBain LMFT, and author of "Life Transitions: Personal Stories of Hope Through Life’s Most Difficult Challenges and Changes," “The Myers-Briggs is best because it helps people learn more about themselves and their personalities. If you’re introverted or extroverted, more sensing or intuitive, feeling or thinking.”

The catch? The official Myers-Briggs online personality test is not free. Luckily, there are free quizzes that base their formula on that of Myers-Briggs.

Bennett Lauber of The Usability People LLC prefers as it gives “both the Myers-Briggs test and an explanation of the results.”

While professionals love the site for its accuracy, users love it for its simplicity, making it a win/win in terms of online quizzes.


Looking for simple, yet entertaining?

Vincent Thomas, age 81, retired Wall Street consultant, and Facebook quiz aficionado, favored this one. “After completing the exercise, I couldn’t believe at how much I agreed with a computer,” he joked.

The site itself is very appealing and easy to use. Questions are worded so anyone from a pre-teen to a senior citizen can understand. In addition, your results are both graphed and clearly explained, making note of both your strengths and weaknesses.

And a bonus? The quiz results also include a list of celebrities who share your personality type.

3. High5Test

Scarlett Kennedy, life coach and author of "How To Make Someone Obsessed With You," loves this one because “It’s quick, short and scientifically backed.”

It's also a part of the 100happydays foundation, a non-profit organization on the mission to make the world happier.


Have a little romance in mind? According to the site, taking the assessment helps you to “discover your love language and begin improving your relationships.”

Kennedy agrees, saying, “I love this because everyone has a way they want to receive/give love. You just need to find out what yours and your partner is through the test.”


Recommended by popular career website, this one is a true winner for many reasons.

“While there are plenty of places online where you can go to learn your Big 5 personality scores, Visual DNA takes it one step further and analyzes your results, explaining how the different elements combine to affect things like your outlook, composure and resilience. In other words, actual character traits that can affect how you work-and how you succeed."

Your answer is based on your response to a series of pictures. In this way, you get a break from the usual and tedious agree/somewhat agree selection. Users love it as it is visually appealing.


As founder Julian Ilson explains, “We developed our personality test in combination with tests about lifestyle, benefits, values and more... We use all this data to find the most compatible people around you and connect you together through groups of three. So, we kill two birds with one stone. We tell you a bit about yourself, while growing your friendship group.”

A modern-day Myers-Briggs infused with We like it.

7. Big 5 Personality Test

This is another favorite for both mental health professionals and quiz aficionados.

As Kennedy explains, “Big Five asks simple questions. I like that it boils everything down to at least five personality traits which most people possess: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness to experience.”

While a bunch of sites charge for this particular test, you can find it for free.

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8. Personality quizzes from the Institute of Psychometric Coaching

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching, an Australian website focused on helping other find the right job, has a free personality test (amongst many others).

While the test is mostly focused on analyzing job skills, it is also useful for those still figuring out what they want to be when they grow up.

While the services themselves are at a cost, the site does provide free tips for aptitude testing.


In need of another personality test geared toward career? Try!

Like the Psychometric coaching site, there is a cost for courses. However, Quistic not only offers a free test, but does a good and concise job of explaining each personality type.

Plus, it's in a simple yes/no format.

10. The Mock Millennial Quiz

In need of a few laughs? Grab your nearest millennial and check out the Mock Millennial Generation Personality test, the online version of the popular "For Dummies" series.

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Adam Cash, author of "Psychology For Dummies" explains, “This is not a real personality test. It’s designed to be a 'fun' introduction to personality testing and what it might be like to take one. Please enjoy — and take with a grain of salt.”

11. Psych Central’s Quick Personality Test

Still itching to find out your personality type but just never have the time? Try this one.

As Thomas explains, “Sometimes I get bored and lose focus with too many questions. This test was fast and easy — I was done in less than a minute."


Originally designed for sales and marketing purposes, Bankcode’s style of personality assessment quickly evolved into something much more.

Spike Spencer, licensed and certified trainer for Bankcode, explains how it benefited his own relationship.

“It takes less than 90 seconds and will tell you a ton about your value system. It helped strengthen our marriage, and we were already trained coaches in NLP, and the 5 Love Languages," he says.

13. The 'I Just Get Myself' Test

With an endorsement from the New York Times, “I Just Get Myself has established a loyal following."

According to the publication, it is relatively short at only 40 questions long and “surprisingly insightful.”

The current site is under construction but promises to return soon with an even better experience for the user.


If you aren't sure what path you want to take when it comes to your career, this free quiz serves as an aptitude test of sorts, determining where your interests lie in relation to work.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, the quiz allows you to rate the enjoyability of tasks like "manage a retail store," "buy and sell stocks and bonds," and "repair household appliances."


Still cynical? Not down with all the weird personality type abbreviations and annoying questions? How about making your own?

Favored by teenage girls, these assessments are along the lines of most Facebook quizzes — easy and fun! Oh, and did we mention the site gives you the opportunity to create your own?

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