The 15-Second Quiz That Determines Who You Really Are

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If there is one test most people don’t mind taking, it’s a personality test. Learning more about yourself and motivations is helpful in growing and expanding your personal and professional life.

Your personality traits and characteristics make you who you are, whether it's your hidden dark impulses, how honest you are, and even how weird you tend to be.

Personality tests are meant to give information about people’s interests, emotions, and how they deal with people and situations.

The most popular personality test is the MBTI assessment (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), used by over 88% of Fortune 500 companies! That is a testament to how important doing work that fits in with your unique self is. 

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But personality tests don’t have to be long and cumbersome.

This 15-second personality test shows who you really are.

To play this short quiz, just watch the video below and keep scrolling down for detailed instructions.



First, answer the following three questions as quickly as possible. Don’t overthink it because there are no right or wrong answers.

If you could be an animal, which animal would it be?

The answer should be the first one that comes to mind, with no consideration for whether it’s a real animal, like a dog or cat, or a make-believe animal like a unicorn.

The first animal doesn’t exist, so pick another animal.

You were just instructed to pick any animal, real or imagined. But now you've been told that this animal doesn't exist.

Choose a second animal, whether real or imagined. Be sure to pick the first one that pops into your mind.

The second animal doesn’t exist, so pick yet another animal.

The second animal you've chosen doesn't exist, so now you must choose another animal. This is your third and final animal.

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What do the results mean?

Your personality is based on your answer to those three questions. You need all three answers to find out about certain aspects of yourself.

The first animal tells you how you want to be perceived by people.

In your first answer, you blurted out the very first animal that came to mind. This tells you how you want to be seen by people.

It doesn’t necessarily mean people perceive you in the way you want them to. It just means that if it were up to you, the world would think you have the strength of a, for example, lion, or the slyness if a kitty cat.

The second animal tells you how people actually see you.

The replacement animal you chose after your first pick is eye-opening. This tells you how people actually see you and the impression you give off.

So, if your top choice was a grizzly bear, you wanted to be seen as powerful and ferocious. But if your second animal was a lamb, you are actually considered soft and docile.

The third animal tells you who you actually are.

The third animal you selected is the most relevant of all. This animal tells you who you truly are. It’s no longer about perception or who you want to be. It is who you are presently.

Learning what animal you identify with can lift the veil on your behaviors. For example, if you picked a turtle, you like to take your time and make good decisions.

Whether you believe in the test or not, any chance to be introspective and discover new parts of yourself is a win.

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