Before/After Photos Of A Facelift That Removes 10 Years Of Aging In 30 Minutes

Curious about facelifts but worried you'll walk away looking like Burt ReynoldsBEHOLD A SOLUTION!

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When you think of facelifts you don’t tend to think of the successful ones. Me?

The word facelift conjures up images of Burt Reynolds (and we aren’t talking at his prime, nude and sprawled on a fur rug) and the notorious New York socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, whose severe facial nips and tucks have earned her the nickname of Catwoman.

But the facelift, it turns out, is getting a facelift (I’m so sorry).


The 8 point filler facelift takes about half an hour and leaves you looking ten years younger.

It’s the brainchild of Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Mauricio de Maio and is slowly but surely becoming the go-to procedure for women (and men) in need of a glow that even chugging a gallon of water a day can’t provide.

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The treatment requires injections in (you guessed it) eight strategic spots on your face.

There’s a topical anesthetic that’s applied for the needle-shy, but since nothing is touching muscle, the pain is already minimal.

The before and after shots of this facelift are pretty tremendous.

One of the selling points of the treatment is the recovery time. Supposedly, there isn’t any. You can go out on your lunch break, get a facelift, and then still have time to wait in line at Chipotle for your burrito bowl.

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Just don’t like, also get a margarita and then go for a run afterward because you are supposed to avoid alcohol and exercise for 48 hours after getting the injections.


Of course, this treatment isn’t permanent. The filler’s main ingredient (hyaluronic acid) will eventually be broken down by the body. This means going in for “touch-ups” every 12 to 18 months.

The touch-ups probably aren’t the main deterrent. I mean, after all, we’re women. We have to schedule waxes regularly and get bangs trimmed. Beauty tends to be synonymous with maintenance.

While you can get back to your usual burrito bowl eating activities right away, doctors do recommend putting at least two weeks between your treatment and any big special event.


That’s because of swelling and bruising. It’s mostly mild, but not everyone’s skin reacts the same way.

Waiting seems to be common sense. You wouldn’t impulse-shave half of your head the night before your wedding, so why try a new injectable facelift?

Just pop some spoons in the freezer and put them over your eyes. Much lower risk with an almost guaranteed return.

Plus you get to put spoons on your eyes and that noise is hilarious.

I want to turn my nose up at the very idea of the 8 point facelift, but I’ve got to say looking at the results, I am uber-tempted.


I never thought I’d be so okay with public surgery… said the woman who only recently entered her thirties.

At roughly $2K a session, it’s definitely a luxury treatment.

But I guess if you’re willing to shell out for a full-on medical facelift, this is a much more reasonable and much less invasive option.

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