Transgender Woman Spends $45,000 On The Face She's Always Wanted

Photo: daily mail
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You won't believe what she went through to get the perfect face.

Looking at herself in the mirror each morning was equivalent to a nightmare. Stef Sanjati, a 20-year-old transgender woman from Toronto, was accustomed to spending up to five hours a day applying her makeup to get the look she wanted.

"For myself, waking up and looking in the mirror is like pressing reset on your favorite game every day. Losing all progress, going backward, never reaching your potential," she said.

Wanting a face that was more feminine, Sanjati finally decided to go under the knife, sharing her graphic photos and videos of her before and after transformation.

"It's incredibly frustrating, not seeing what you see in your head in the mirror... I don't think I have uploaded an untouched photograph since before I started my transition — I nip and tuck at my face, reducing my jaw here, enlarging my cheek there... all with the goal of looking more like what we perceive as feminine."

Her Facial Feminisation Surgery cost $45,000 Canadian dollars, some of which she obtained through her GoFundMe page. In the future, she plans on getting Sexual Realignment Surgery which varies in cost depending on the person.

Feeling extremely frustrated over the way she looked, Sanjati said that in addition to her extensive makeup routine, she also would spend hours touching up her photos to look how she wanted to.

After her plastic surgery in December, she posted that she was feeling happy about how everything had gone and was in minimal pain. She sent photos out, partly to keep over a thousand people who donated to her GoFundMe page up-to-date on her progress.

Through the page, she actually raised $32,000 in total which covered a majority of the costs.

When talking about her surgery, Sanjati said, "Undergoing FFS and SRS would vastly improve my mental health... I would love to share the experience with all of you so that people can learn about gender confirmation surgeries and what they mean to transgender people."

For Sanjati, the surgery hasn’t just been about looking good — it has been a way for her to feel comfortable in her own skin.

She said, "These surgeries are about feeling like you, every day, when you wake up in the morning — before cinching, pulling, and covering every inch of your body with body shapers, tape, and cosmetics. They're about recognizing yourself in the mirror and feeling like living going outside is possible, and not something to dread."

Photos: Daily Mail

Sometimes, we need to ask for help in order to achieve our goals. And in this case, Sanjati probably got more help than she bargained for. 

Check out the video below to learn more about this plastic surgery: