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What Your Brazilian Waxer Wishes She Could Tell You & 12 Myths About Waxing, Debunked

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woman in aesthetician's office getting a brazilian wax

When I first started working as an aesthetician 14 years ago, getting Brazilian waxes was the domain of strippers, dancers, and porn stars. But they've since gone mainstream. Everyone from your younger sister to your 60-year-old neighbor gets one.

Despite the ubiquity of this particular hair removal practice, there are still a lot of people coming in for waxes or contemplating doing so who are surprisingly clueless.

If you fall into that category, don't worry: I've got your back. Get ready to earn a gold star from your aesthetician.

Brazilian Wax Tips

1. Trim before you come in.

Your pubic hair needs to be long enough to wax (about a quarter of an inch long), but if it's too long it's going to become a matted, painful mess. If we have to spend time trimming it for you, you'll find out why we put the phrase "and up" on our waxing service pricing.

Use a beard trimmer and get things in order before you get on the table.

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2. Those baby wipes in the room are for you.

Go ahead and freshen up. It'll improve the experience for everyone.

3. We've seen it all.

Whatever it is you're embarrassed about, we've seen it before. It's near impossible to shock us when it comes to body stuff.

4. We love it when you ask us questions.

We're educated in a lot more than waxing. Most of us have a broad knowledge base that covers everything from skincare treatments, and lasers to skin physiology, product chemistry, and anatomy. So please, ask us questions. We're here to help.

5. Be prepared to get on all fours.

Aestheticians have different techniques and you may not have to, but be mentally ready to assume the position.

6. For the love of all that is holy, don't have sex before you come in.

Seriously, just don't. That's a quick way to get yourself on the list of people we will never book again.

7. You have hair in your butt crack, so don't make it weird by insisting you don't.

If you don't want to wax it, that's beyond OK. But when your aesthetician asks if you want her to wax the back, understand that she's not asking for her health. A simple yes or no will suffice.

8. Wait until the week after your period to get waxed.

When you're PMSing or on your period, you're more sensitive to pain. There's no reason to make it worse for yourself.

9. Avoid UV rays before your wax.

It may thin the skin. So stay out of the rays for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

10. Prep your skin.

Make prepping your skin part of your pre-wax routine.

Gently exfoliate the area to be waxed 24 hours before the waxing service (i.e. using a washcloth in the shower).

Pro-tip: Routinely exfoliate the waxed area as part of your post-wax routine as well to prevent ingrown hairs.

11. Avoid shaving down there in between appointments.

This will only cause the pain to increase as well as make ingrown hairs more common.  

12. Wear loose clothing to your appointment.

For the rest of the day, you should steer clear of applying too much friction from tight-fitting clothing or exercise, lest you may wind up with even more irritation or ingrown hair in the waxed area.

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Brazilian Wax Myths, Debunked

Myth #1: DIY Brazilian waxing is simple.

I know your best friend has a wax kit and you've done each other's pits for years, but trust me: A Brazilian wax is a whole different animal.

And a Brazilian wax gone wrong? Well, let's just say getting your anus stuck shut is the simplest of complications.

Myth #2: Getting a Brazilian wax is gross and uncomfortable.

This isn't weird or gross to us. We promise. We will be able to look you in the eye after, even if we know you.

Myth #3: You should take meds to help it hurt less.

Definitely not. We really do need to know your medical history and current medications.

Some conditions, medications, and supplements make waxing unsafe or riskier because they cause thinning skin, easy bruising or bleeding, heat sensitivity, or other relevant side effects. There's nothing more horrifying than waxing someone's skin off because they didn't tell you they're taking Accutane.

We don't want to hurt you, and we definitely don't want to traumatize you. Even if you think it's irrelevant, be forthcoming. Better safe than sorry.

Myth #4: The aesthetician will judge your body.

You're normal, and so is your body. 

Many times, the only genital that people ever see other than their own are the surgically-enhanced ones in porn or those of their sex partners. As a result, a lot of people are concerned that theirs are somehow inadequate.

They're not. You're not. Genitals come in many shapes and sizes and colors. I've literally seen hundreds of sets of them, and I've yet to see one that alarmed me.

Believe me when I say you have nothing to worry about. So take a deep breath and hop on the table.

Myth #5: If you accidentally fart during a Brazillian wax, you'll never be able to come back again.

Farts happen during Brazilian waxes. Queefs, too. Should your vagina decide mid-wax to sing the song of her people, let's all just laugh about it and move on. It's the least awkward way.

Myth #6: You never know who you're going to get.

Male Brazilian waxes require specialized training. Not all aestheticians perform them, so if you're wanting one, ask if that service is offered before booking your appointment. The last thing you want is for your sack to be used as a guinea pig because someone felt bad turning you away.

Myth #7: Your hair grows back darker and thicker after you wax.

This is a common myth but in actuality, it's the opposite. When waxing, the hair is completely removed from the follicle! Over time, this will weaken the follicle and cause slower hair growth.

Myth #8: You never get used to the pain of waxing.

Actually, the pain lessens with each wax. With each wax, the hair follicles become weaker, thinner, and the hair grows back more sparse making it easier to remove causing less pain.

So if you decide to wax, try to stick with it to reap the full benefits. 

Myth #9: You can get an STD from waxing.

Actually this is only partially false — if you don't keep up with post-wax care or the technician used inappropriate and contaminated materials during your waxing, then there is a chance you could contract an STD/STI. 

But if you follow the rules and you visit a clean salon you have nothing to worry about.

Myth #10: Brazilian waxes cause sagging.

Just like with any other body modification, there are risks associated with waxing, especially down there. Irritation, inflammation, and infection can occur if the waxing was not done or cared for properly afterward.

Even with the risks, sagging isn't one of them. It's a complete myth.

Myth #11: A Brazilian wax and a bikini wax are the same things.

Bikini waxes are not the same thing as Brazilians. The difference between a bikini wax and a Brazilian is that the latter takes the hair out of your butt crack as well as your bikini area. 

Myth #12: You can numb the area with ice first before waxing to reduce the pain.

Do not — I repeat, do not — use ice to numb the area before waxing. It will tighten and close up your pores, making the waxing much more difficult.

Instead, use a numbing cream about 30 minutes before your appointment to help dull the pain. Make sure the area is clean before your appointment though!

We truly appreciate you trusting us. We know this is a vulnerable position to put yourself in. We will do everything we can to honor that trust. Just like Vegas, what happens here stays here.

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