One Woman's Crazy Story: "I'm A Size Zero And Got Liposuction"

For some, good enough will never be good enough.

One Woman's Crazy Story: "I'm A Size Zero And Got Liposuction" Getty Images

Megan O'Brien believes in honesty when it comes to every nip and every tuck. The creator of Meg's Makeup, one of the "first beauty blogs in the world" (according to her), recently shared her experiences with cosmetic surgery in an essay published by Harper's Bazaar.

The title, "I'm a Size Zero and I Got Liposuction" is a brief, yet candid account of her decision to make a better her through the wonders of modern science (AKA plastic surgery). O'Brien readily admits that even the title of the piece puts her in an unflattering light, but rest assured, the very fact that she's about to share everything means she's totally not anything like that.


For O'Brien, working in beauty means that she has to hold up her end of the bargain and be ... well, beautiful.

According to her, everything that could possibly be undesirable about a young, white woman struck her like an affliction, and so, she honestly had no choice but to surgically enhance her hair, lips, and breasts, for starters.

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O'Brien immediately follows her menu of personal alterations with equal amounts of charity work, such as rescuing dogs, feeding the homeless and donating money. Although, it's hard to tell if she's being honest or trying to double back in an attempt to coat her vanity in self-effacing satire.


It's clearly important to O'Brien that readers see her as a human being, regardless as to how much time and money she spends to go under the knife.

When she takes a break from the personal victory lap, she actually gives readers useful insight into the process behind cosmetic surgery by explaining the ins and outs of finding a doctor, choosing what to "fix," and the recovery process for her liposuction surgery.

Whatever O'Brien's essay was meant to accomplish, it did strike a nerve with readers, going viral not long after it was published and actually getting favorable reviews from those praising her for her candor and honesty.

When interviewed, O'Brien said she was surprised about the buzz surrounding the article. But, then, why would anyone publish something in a fashion magazine like Harper's and not expect some sort of feedback, especially since it's the Internet, a land of unrelenting, unsolicited opinions.


As to the verdict on Megan O'Brien's surgery, there's nothing really to justify here. She wanted to make a change, so she did.

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Looking at the before and after pictures, there’s certainly a big difference, and for her it was a definite improvement. She's satisfied as a result, and certainly seems to have no regrets.

In today's society, people walk a tightrope between body acceptance and body modification.

On one hand, we talk about how we should accept ourselves for who we are. And on the other, we spend hundreds of hours working out, trying (and sometimes failing) to eat right, watching makeover shows, and following celebrities who look as if they've been carved from marble.

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How we look, like it or not, is an indelible part of who we are as people. And for some, good enough will simply never be good enough, which is why cosmetic surgery is a billion-dollar industry.

Megan O'Brien seems like a fun loving gal who says she's comfortable in her skin. Of course, the fact that she had to not only change her skin, but also write an essay justifying her decision where she didn't really have to, might speak to the contrary.

But if anything, it just proves that $35,000 later, she's about as human as anyone else.


Hashim Hathaway is a love and entertainment writer. 
Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on April 14, 2015 and was updated with the latest information.