How Accessing Your Akashic Records Can Help You Make Sense Of Your Life

What are the Akashic Records? Let us explain...

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Sometimes life feels like nothing but pure chaos. Issues crop up all over the place like a fight with your romantic partner or your boss. Maybe you had words with a friend or a family member.

You could be facing challenges where people make demands on your time, or you want to change careers but aren't sure where to start. As a result, you're experiencing a level of uncertainty about your life creating the chaos that consumes you.


What are you supposed to do?

If you want to better understand what is happening in your life, one way is to look at the big picture. Take a step back to see why something might be occurring in the grander scheme of things to get new insights on the cause and possible next steps.

This is especially true when you notice a common thread running through all of the problems, or something similar has happened multiple times. That's something to pay attention to and a perfect reason to consult the Akashic Records).

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What are the Akashic Records?

Imagine a resource like Google, but for all the lives you've ever lived and the lessons you've learned. It's like a ginormous set of files on an energetic level that tracks your thoughts and actions. 

Anyone can read their own files in the Akashic Records. It might take a little practice, but the access exists for you. There is so much knowledge and guidance available!

Formulating Your Questions

Asking the right question in the records is the most important part of this exercise. The answers you get are totally dependent on how you ask the question. Here are a few tips to help you get the best information and wisdom possible.

  • Avoid Yes/No questions. If you are puzzled by the chaos in your life, you’ll need more than yes or no answer to figure out how to handle a situation.
  • Ask open-ended questions. Come up with several different ways to get an answer. For example, "Why are so many people taking advantage of me? What can I learn from this situation? What is a good way to handle this issue with (person’s name)? What happened in a past life regarding my issue with ____ that is influencing me today?"
  • Don't ask questions about the future. The point of working with the Akashic Records is to gain an understanding and learn what is your next step. This is not a predictive tool and won't work for that purpose.

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3 Methods to Get Answers

Here are three simple methods for accessing the information in the records.

1. Meditate — Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body. Put on some quiet yoga or meditative music. Imagine you see a huge building that looks like it’s from ancient Greece or Rome. Notice where the door is, walk up to it and enter. You will be greeted by your Akashic Records guide.


Ask your guide the question on your mind. Then wait to see what comes your way. You may hear the answers, have a sense of knowing what the information is, or see symbols. Some people get a visual impression like a mini-movie or get a gut feeling about the answer. Write down whatever comes to you.

2. Automatic Writing — Take time to get centered by breathing and relaxing your body and mind. Next, pick up a pen, open your notebook and write out your question for your Akashic Records guide. Then start writing whatever comes to you.

Do not edit yourself! This is very important. Just let your pen keep moving until you feel complete and don't leave out anything that came to mind. When you decide to leave things out, you shift to using your conscious mind which gets in the way of receiving answers.

Sometimes you won't know what to write and that's okay. To get the flow of words going, you can write anything like, "I don’t know what to write. What should I write about? What would I tell myself? What would my wisest relative say? What would Oprah tell me?"


At some point, the details and information with your answer will start to flow. It's quite a magical process and invaluable too.

3. Work with a Professional  Another option would be to work with someone who is well-versed in doing this work with Akashic Records. They can facilitate your viewing or tell you what they see for you.

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What Lisa Learned in the Akashic Records

Lisa is an entrepreneur who works her butt off and is very successful. Unfortunately, she didn't feel good enough about herself to find love or spend much time enjoying life. So, she focused mainly on her children and business.


As a result, her life was not well-balanced and had become stressful and somewhat chaotic because she never put herself first. She didn't feel she deserved that.

Looking at this issue of not feeling good enough, a lifetime came up in medieval England, where her father had been royalty, but not the king. He had done something politically incorrect and was then stripped of his title and land.

This left Lisa, one of his daughters, with little future or hope and she spent the remainder of that life trying to live up to her potential and the kind of life that should have been hers.


Today, this is leftover emotion that she still holds, always working super hard to prove she is good enough. For Lisa, this was an amazing epiphany. She then did some releasing around this issue and felt much lighter and optimistic about her present life!

Exploring the Akashic Records can be amazingly helpful, providing insights about your life today that you might not encounter through any other method. If you have something going on now that you'd like to learn more about or shift to feel relief, use these methods to investigate your past lives.

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