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Psychic Medium Explains How We Choose Our Lives Before We Are Even Born

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Have you ever wondered why you’re here, and what brought you to this life? Believe it or not, every detail of your life is no coincidence, and your soul signed up for it all before you incarnated.

A psychic medium shared how our souls pre-selected our lives to learn and grow.

On TikTok, Beth Parker made a video in response to a comment asking if we can be born into the wrong culture.

As a "French teacher turned psychic medium," Parker conducted many past life readings and learned that before birth, our souls chose our location, our gender, our parents, and even our names. “All of the things that make each experience here that we have on Earth unique, we choose ahead of time,” Parker shared.



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Parker emphasized that if this concept resonated with you, then you were likely a brave soul who came to Earth with the intention of breaking generational cycles.

Those drawn to other cultures were likely part of that culture in a past life.

Do you ever feel a certain connection to a culture you didn’t come from? Parker explained that sometimes souls choose to be a part of a new culture because it’s a "very unique and different experience which can teach us things throughout one particular lifetime."

For example, Parker referred to her resonance with French culture, as a former French teacher who had no experience with the culture growing up, and how she was interested in learning about the culture on her own. This was a sign she could have been French in a past life. 

However you identify, your soul chooses everything about your body and your life so you can have different experiences throughout different lifetimes. 

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The reason why you may have experienced ‘bad things’ was because your soul volunteered to. 

One reason you may have experienced adversity in your life was to learn and grow as a spiritual being so you could help others in your "soul family," which is the group of souls your soul connects with in multiple lifetimes

In another TikTok video, Parker further explained that more often than not, our souls want to come back to Earth. Even if a soul reaches a point where they have completed their purpose, they’ll still choose to come back to help others in their soul family, no matter the cost.



For example, Parker shared how just four short years after her mother’s passing, her soul reincarnated as Parker’s granddaughter. Parker shared this was likely because her daughter was her mother’s full-time caretaker, so her mother chose to come back, “simply to assist a soul who had helped her so much during her last incarnation.”

Parker further explained how karma from a previous life could impact your current life experiences. Maybe you made some questionable choices in a previous life, karma might catch up to you in the next life.

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“Perhaps we were not so nice to those who were different in a past life, and so now we ourselves have decided, ‘Hey maybe I should experience being different in some way from the mainstream so that I know what it's like and won't do that again in a future life,” Parker explained. 

Parker shared that you’ll reincarnate over and over to complete your karma and live up to your soul’s fullest potential before moving on to the spirit world.

Parker explained that once your soul is ready to move on from coming back to Earth, it will serve as a spirit guide to someone else who needs help with the same lessons. 

These ideologies may be hard to believe, as humans perceive the world differently than our souls do.

Why would we ever want to come back to a world that has become so desolate and lost? The way Parker explained it, our souls view this choice to reincarnate as an opportunity for growth, and they serve a special purpose in this world.

Growth is always good, regardless of your beliefs, and even if you don't believe in the reincarnation of souls, everyone can agree with learning from past mistakes and changing for the better.

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