The Secret Mystical Reading That Can Instantly Transform Your Life

How to connect with your life's purpose.

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We all experience moments in our lives when we feel so exhausted by our frustration with a physical or emotional struggle, that life almost feels unbearable. When reflecting upon these issues, many of us begin noticing negative patterns that keep repeating in various aspects of our lives. For some reason, however, regardless of what we know and understand, we are unable to end the agonizing cycles.


What far fewer people experience is the powerful role our Akashic records play in all of this, and the way learning how to access them — on your own or through an Akashic reading — provides an unparalleled opportunity for growth, healing, and improvement in our relationships with friends, family, colleagues, lovers, and even ourselves.

What are the Akashic records?

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The term akashic records is derived from the word akasha (आकाश), meaning "ether" or "atmosphere" in Sanskrit, or Akash (आकाश), meaning "sky" or "heaven" in Hindi. Simply put, the Akashic record is an enormous library containing recordings of everything that has ever happened in the past, everything that is happening in the present moment, and everything that will happen in the future.


Imagine that library filled with this specific information regarding every person on the planet.

When you gain access to and read your book, you can learn about the unseen or unknown negative influences affecting your life and your relationships, which you can then "clean out" to keep from getting in the way of your future happiness.

While this concept can be found within established religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam, the practice of cleansing your personal Akasha or "infinite space" is something that you can practice even if you're only spiritual, and not religious.

Here are 5 ways an Akashic reading can transform your life for the better:

1. By helping you identify and remove roadblocks to finding true love

If you wonder why you sometimes seem to push people away, cycling through friends or lovers, or perhaps rarely even attracting them, the reasons these issues are affecting you energetically show up in the Akasha. There are limitless possibilities for why you're being held back in your life, including aspects of yourself you are currently unaware of, such as spiritual "contracts" and much more.




An Akashic reading can help you identify the particular roadblocks to happiness in your romantic relationship, so you can then cleanse and erase them.

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2. By motivating you to work through physical and mental health struggles

If you struggle with either physical or mental health issues, an Akashic cleansing might help get you on the path to a better life. The Akashic realm is a perfect place for initiating change from the inside out.


You can clear out trapped energies, including limiting belief systems and images you hold, and see how the quality of your life improves.

3. By empowering you to work through and release physical and emotional pain

Chronic pain management is not yet well understood by the medical community, although, thankfully, new means and methodologies are emerging regularly.

Without getting too technical on the “science” of the Akasha and the human body, we view our bodies from the perspective of quantum physics, we are all integrated beings comprised of vibration, light, and other fields of energy.



Understanding this notion might require a paradigm shift in your view of the human body, breaking it down to a more physics-based, particle-level vision of yourself, but that being said, once you shift your vibrations through an Akashic records cleansing, the underlying causes of chronic pain can often be healed.


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4. By showing you your soul’s purpose

When you understand your soul’s purpose and what you most wish to accomplish or contribute, your life starts to make more sense and may lead you to consciously begin making different, more purposeful, and fulfilling choices. The information you gain from an Akashic reading can also give you the boost in confidence you've been needing to get going on ideas or projects you have felt were right, even when you didn't understand why.

It is important to understand, however, that the information you receive during an Akashic consultation about your soul's purpose does not usually read like a job description. It offers you something much better — a clear view of what you are here to do — which you can then incorporate into every aspect of your life.

5. By helping you reach your professional goals

An Akashic reading can help you leverage a deeper pool of knowledge through which you can achieve better results. Every business, not-for-profit, group, and organizational team has an Akashic record, and you can tap into this source of wisdom in ways that assist you with decision-making, ideas, and opportunities for success and advancement.


Perhaps you would like to try and distinguish between your team’s best and highest interest versus its most profitable interest. Maybe you would like to work on strategies to improve the likelihood of a promotion.

You are now in the “know” of this incredible tool to improve the quality of your work life, Akashic reading, and healing!

Akashic reading and healing can help you find happiness by improving your relationships, reducing or eliminating pain, clarifying your soul’s purpose, and enhancing your professional life.


Naturally, there are many, many, more ways to improve your life’s adventure with Akashic reading and healing, so keep visiting your library regularly!

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Christopher Barham is an energy healer who works with people to heal traumatic issues in their past, including both physical and mental pain, and to help them discover their soul's purpose in life.