7 Surprising Things Men Find Attractive In Women

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There is a whole industry devoted to making women feel bad about their bodies.

It’s true. There are manufacturing companies devoted to producing wonder bras, falsies, and padding… and that doesn’t even get into the whole surgical breast enhancement racket.

Let’s put aside for the moment that many women get boob jobs or wear padded bras simply because they love how they make them feel. That’s an awesome reason to embrace the boob enhancement industry.

But, for the women who are using those resources to theoretically make themselves more desirable to men, the question remains — is all that effort worth it? 

As a man, I can tell you that it’s almost certainly not.

While a woman’s breast size can totally catch a guy’s eye, it’s rarely a determining factor for whether or not a man finds a woman attractive.

Here are 7 things that matter way more to guys than your boobs:

1. Your cute tush

Let’s just open with being direct and superficial and gross, OK? Even though cleavage was king for a very long time, in the age of the Kardashians, the booty has completely taken over as the primary sign of a woman’s stereotypical hotness.

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2. Your sense of humor

Funny women are HOT. Why are they hot? Because they excite you, they challenge you, and you want to spend time with them.

Think about this — if you were a man and you had to pick a partner for a long, dull road trip, who would you want to accompany you? A Playboy playmate or Tina Fey? Or Samantha Bee? Or Amy Schumer? Funny will always trump boob size because it’s harder to fake and it’s way more entertaining.

3. What you watch on TV

No, really. If I meet a woman who only watches Bravo reality shows and a woman who watches Orphan Black, Fargo, and Westworld, I’m going to want to spend more time with the A-cup girl because she’s got WAY better taste and we’ll have so much more to talk about.

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4. Your personal style

This is strangely important, even for men who don’t care about fashion. How a woman dresses definitely gives you an idea of what she’s like. Has care gone into her appearance? Does she look comfortable in her own clothes? Or does it look like she’s putting on a performance?

Ideally, men are looking for women who are well-put together and relaxed. It doesn’t mean that dudes are going to freak out if they see a woman wearing last year’s faux fur collar, but it does mean that men want to know that she’s comfortable in her own skin.

5. Your hair

Hair makes a surprisingly strong impression on dudes.

It’s superficial and weird, but men DO have hair preferences. Some love shaved sides, some ADORE short hair, and some prefer everything long and simple. But, regardless, it can be a dealbreaker.

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6. Your voice

Remember Fran Drescher’s character from The Nanny? With her screeching New York accent and goat-like laugh? 

7. How you judge your faults

Do you know what men REALLY love?

When a woman values other things over his own physical shortcomings.

Because chances are, his hair could be thicker, his face could be more symmetrical, and his penis could be… girthier. But, if she ignores all that and gives the guy a chance, he’ll be eternally grateful. 

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