Woman Catches Stranger Cheating With Wife’s Best Friend After Exposing Conversation She Overheard

She tracked down the wife.

TikTok christina_alyce / Tiktok

A woman on TikTok asked the internet to help expose a cheating husband after overhearing a conversation in a Virginia restaurant.

"If it were me, I would want to know," she says at the beginning of the video, explaining her moral dilemma about what to do with the information she received.

She asked TikTok for help exposing a stranger who was cheating on his wife.

Christina or @christina_alyce on TikTok says she overheard a husband bringing his two young children to meet the woman he was cheating on their mother with.


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"This was that this was Britney's first time meeting your children," she told her followers. "Your husband is cheating on you and he brought your children to meet his mistress."


"And yes she knows you exist, she even cackled when she was talking about seeing your face when you were served divorce papers," Christina recalled.

The wife of the cheating man ended up reaching out after seeing the video. 

A week and a half later, Christina posted an update video, revealing that she found the woman.

Christina says a woman, named Mikayla, reached out to say it was her husband who she had caught. Explaining that Mikayla granted permission for her to share their conversation, Christina offered an update on the situation.

Showing the messages between the two, she reveals that Britney, the woman who was with her husband, is actually her best friend.




"When I tell you that my heart sank when I looked at this woman's profile, it was awful," Christina said when she saw the similarities in Mikayla's photos.

Christina gave another update on Mikayla a few days later.

In a third video, Christina decides to update her followers on what was going on with Mikayla.

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Mikayla responded by saying that she and her "a-hole husband" are trying to figure out what they are going to do and how to co-parent, but she is "barely keeping her head above water."



Mikayla added that Britney has been spamming her with messages, asking to have the videos removed because she's been exposed as the mistress, but Mikayla said, "that's just a nice benefit. (gotta find something to laugh about, right?)"

Christina asked Mikayla if she needed a GoFundMe page set up to help her financially, but Mikayla declined the offer, saying she has a good job and that moving back with her mother has helped her tremendously.


She did say, however, that she's accepting applications for a new best friend.

Since Mikayla is not ready to discuss her side of the story, she is allowing Christina to keep the stories up on her page for everyone to see and adds that she hopes to one day meet Christina.

Christina ends her video by thanking everyone who came to support Mikayla during this heartbreaking situation.


"You guys were the miracle this mom needed. So thank you," Christina says at the end of her video. 

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