20 Secret Habits Of The Most Fashionable Women Who Get All The Guys

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If you want to be a sexy, trendy, and fashionable person, there are a few basic fashion tips to know. Whether it's Paris Fashion Week or just another night on the town, these are habits of highly chic individuals.

If you look at the habits and behaviors in our list, you will see how easy it is to be fashionable with your own style. Because when it comes to being fashion-forward, certain things matter most.

1. They subscribe to newsletters.

Fashion-forward people, designers, and companies have newsletters. Subscribe to them and read them as they come out.

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2. They read fashion magazines and websites.

Find the companies and magazines with the fashion style you love and get a subscription.

3. They follow fashion-forward bloggers.

So many fashionistas are bloggers. Subscribe to and read their blogs. Follow their blogs and social media channels to stay on top of the latest fashion tips from them.

4. They visit your tailor to make your clothes fit.

It’s okay to buy something that is trendy and you love but doesn’t fit 100 percent right. Take it to your tailor to get fitted or adjusted and you will be happy that you didn’t pass it up.

It's also important to have a tailor because you should take clothes and shoes to be fixed before they get completely ripped or destroyed.

5. They don’t pass up clothing because it's "dry clean only."

Do you shy away from buying an article of clothing you love just because the label says "dry clean only"? Fashionable people never worry about dry clean only items, so buy that sweater you're eyeing and make a commitment to drop off your dry cleaning once a month.

6. They don’t worry about the size labels.

Different clothing manufacturers make clothes in varying sizes. You should always try something on in the store and never be afraid to try a different size. Different sizes from a different manufacturer might fit you just fine.

Also, trying on something that is a size larger can give you a completely different look that might suit you better.

7. They build a wardrobe that is full of basic "core" pieces.

Fashionable people have those “core” items they always keep in their closets and then build around them. You should keep the core items for your wardrobe in your closet too. It can be a blazer that you mix and match, your favorite pair of jeans, or other clothing pieces you use to layer on your style.

8. If you love it, buy it — even if you don't know where you're going to wear it yet.

When you're shopping, if you find an outfit that you absolutely love, buy it! It won’t be there when you get invited to a party next month, but if it is in your closet, you are all set! Besides, you can always make an occasion to wear something special.

9. They try out the new fashion trends.

We always tell our kids when it comes to trying new foods that “you never know you like it unless you try it.” The same applies to clothing. Fashionable people try new things all the time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should buy every new trend. Only choose the elements that work best with your overall style, body type, and fashion sense.

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10. They become friendly with the sales associates at your favorite stores.

Your sales associates should be your best friends. Treat them nice and soon you will be privy to inside sales, new arrivals first, and so on.

11. They always be on the lookout and ready to buy.

Shopping doesn’t have to mean buying. When you shop often, you can stay on top of trends, see new trends as they come into play, and know when things go on sale. This is important because fashionable people can find style anywhere, no matter the store.

12. They avoid looking like you're trying too hard.

Fashionable people can always seem well put together without looking like they tried too hard. We all know that looking stylish still takes some effort, but just don’t overdo it.

13. They know your own style and preferences.

Figuring out your own style can be as simple as figuring out what looks good on you. Just because celebrities or models are wearing something in a magazine doesn’t make it stylish. A big part of style is finding something that is right for you, your style, your body type, and the climate you are in.

14. They understand that attitude, comfort, and confidence are 90 percent of fashion.

Too often people try too hard and choose something that is not comfortable or they don’t feel good in. Instead, feel good about your style and recognize that if you don’t, it could be your confidence that is the missing element.

15. They plan ahead and allow themselves enough time to get ready.

Try to pick out your clothes ahead of time and think things through ahead of time.

16. They wear the correct undergarments.

Just like anything else, clothes need the right foundation. In the case of clothing and fashion, undergarments are the foundation. The right ones won’t show through your clothes or stick out.

17. They dress accordingly for the weather or occasion.

Someone who is fashionable is always dressed properly for the occasion and weather. Don’t wear a jacket or a sweater when it is too warm out.

18. They learn to accessorize the right way.

Accessories can make an outfit and really pull an outfit together.

19. They just choose one expensive piece.

Not everything has to be expensive, so instead, choose one expensive-looking piece. That means that it just has to look expensive, not be expensive. It can be a belt, shoes, purse, or jewelry. 

20. They keep a "fashion emergency kit."

fashionista always looks good and to do this, you have to be prepared for fashion emergencies. A kit like this can be small and include a Tide pen for cleaning up spills, safety pins, band-aids, and double stick tape. Of course, you can customize your kit for your needs.

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Tegan Connor is a style consultant for all things fashion. She's currently a Brand Manager for Neverland Store Streetwear.