13 Things Every Smart Woman Should Do Before She Turns 30

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Hot damn! Being 30 years old sounds like such a big number, but it won't feel like a huge load in your mind if you check off these things on your "20s To-Do List."

Besides, life wasn't meant for sitting back and watching it pass you by; it's supposed to be a wild and crazy ride.

Enjoy every second before you run out of time.

Here are 13 things every smart woman should do before she turns 30:

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1. Travel the world.

Don't just take brief trips around your state or in your home country. Leave your home bounds and experience culture. Culture is life's greatest teacher. Think of all you can learn by soaking in the people, food, and behaviors of another culture completely foreign to you. Travel abroad now and if you can, use your college status or alumni connections to make the travel cheap. Do this before you end up tied down to someone or having children.

2. Get an internship in the field you love.

A lot of people in their twenties intern, but typically at a practical job location. Branch out and work for free for some time for an industry, brand, or task that you love. Don't worry about the practicality; you would be surprised at how you can earn money doing what you love. If you try now, you have less risk at hand than you do as you get older.

3. Kiss someone of the same sex.

If you're even vaguely interested in the same sex, experiment while you're young.

The older you get, the more judgmental people are and the less likely you are to have the chance.

It doesn't really matter what your choice of gender is; it's about the person. If you think your sexual feelings are contrary to how you're living your life, own who you are. Don't waste another second pretending to be someone you're not.

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4. Build and strengthen your family relationships.

If you aren't close with your family as of now, work on it. As you get older you will find that you need family more often than you think. Even if there are bridges burned, repair them, unless the person is completely toxic.

5. Let go of the toxic people in your life.

Don't waste any more of your days with a toxic friend or family member. Dealing with someone of that negative nature can really tear your insides out and make you age before your time. Say sayonara to anyone who's a drain on your spirit.

6. Follow your impractical dreams.

Do you want to be an actress, stunt man, stand-up comic, artist, or something else of a difficult and impractical nature? Do it now while there's no one counting on you to feed and clothe them. Take the big artistic risks while you aren't responsible for a partner or a child's life.

7. Make bad fashion choices.

This is the decade to bleach your hair, wear passing trends, and pierce whatever you want. Just make sure that if you do something permanent, you're going to love it forever or be able to live with it. Try out styles you never thought would look good on you, because you're young and people expect you to be impulsive.

8. Follow your favorite band on tour.

Do you have a favorite band or singer? Follow them on tour... for days. Don't sleep much, and it's OK if you don't wash your hair. Whatever you do, try to meet your idol. And take a lot of photographs.

9. Learn another language.

You can find a way someone to leverage this in your career in your thirties. Learn a language now during a time in which you have more time for hobbies and can maybe even meet a sexy foreign stranger.

10. Live with your friends.

Shack up whether it's for the summer or a year with your friends. Mind you, they may not end up your friends at the end of the living period, but it will be a fun and wild time you will always remember.

11. Go on a getaway vacation with your best girlfriends.

Take a weekend or week-long trip with your besties. Invest the money and don't feel a shred of guilt.

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12. Be more aware of your menstrual cycle.

This sounds oddly bizarre amongst the list, but knowing how your cycle runs will end up being beneficial if you decide to have kids down the line. It will also alert you to any major health problems you might have with your reproductive system. Knowing your body is a smart move, so don't wait. If you haven't seen an OB/GYN yet, here I am shaking my metaphorical finger at you saying, "You better go girl!"

13. Eliminate your financial debt.

If you have any debt, take care of it now. Don't get into ruthless credit card spending, and learn how to manage your money and handle a budget now. Don't learn this important life lesson when it's too late. You may be young but it doesn't mean you should be irresponsible.

Handle those student loans, and if you can't pay something off, don't buy it! Healthy financial habits are good to start now; it means that if you decide to get married one day, you will enter into that union as a solid person rather than offering your future partner a debt-ridden mess.

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