14 Things You Never Thanked Your Dad For (But ABSOLUTELY Should)

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14 Things To Thank Your Dad For Doing When You Were A Child

Your father is the most important man in your life.

He's the first man you encounter, and your interactions with and feelings for him will impact every relationship you'll ever have with another human being.

It's pretty heavy stuff, but more often than not, it's also pretty awesome — especially when you have an amazing dad.

Your dad does more for you than any other dude ever will, and a lot of times dads can be so rad that you don't even realize all the incredible ways your father has loved and cared for you.

Here are a few things you've probably taken for granted and need to thank your dad for immediately:

1. All the times he got you out of trouble with mom

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101 dalmatians

2. His dad jokes

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dad jokes

3. Your domesticity

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domestic panel

4. For not getting grumpy on all those days you woke him up early

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5. Your positive outlook on life

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modern family ty burrell

6. Your character

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7. Your fearlessness

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8. Your slang

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your slang american pie

9. Your safety

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dropping baby

10. His tough love

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that 70s show

11. Your ear for music

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12. His affection

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13. Always being fed

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14. Not turning you into this poor girl.

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stripper fail