65 Funny Monday Memes To Get You Through The Worst Day Of The Week

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The positive, happy person in us is supposed to be all "every day is a good day!", but every day is not a good day when it's Monday. Like Garfield, we all hate Mondays.

Monday is the most soul-sucking, party-pooping day of the seven days. And frankly, don't be the fool who believes the hype. Per usual, it's crucial that you approach Mondays with all the caution of Road Runner being chased by a stick of dynamite attached to Wile E. Coyote.


Stick to the plan and rejoice in the fact that you're never the only one suffering from a bad case of The Mondays.

In fact, a good majority of the world is suffering from The Mondays every week, and the only way to get through it is by sharing funny-but-relatable Monday memes that sum up the devil of a day.


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Because we want you to be happy, even on a Monday, we found the best memes that will make you feel less annoyed, alone, and anxious about all that Monday means. If there's one thing this day has given us, it's a lot of humorous quotes.

It might not be a good day, but you can at least have a funny Monday.


65 Best Monday Memes to Keep You Laughing Through The Worst Day of the Week

1. Except there's no party in the back.

"If Monday was a haircut it would be a mullet."

2. They don't call 'em the Sunday Scaries for nothing.


"Smonday: The moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in."

3. There's a holiday for every food, so why not?

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"There should be a holiday dedicated to all the brave people who show up to work on Mondays."


4. Nothing like a visit from Monday to send you right over the edge.

"When you're having a great weekend and Monday run up on you like..."

5. To delude yourself is to love yourself... at least during the work week.

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"I get through Mondays by convincing myself I'll quit on Friday."

6. If only we could really slap Monday.

"When you had a good weekend, and Monday walks up and..."


7. I'll need a nap by 11 AM.

"The moment you wake up and realize it's Monday."

8. It'd be concerning if you weren't thinking about wine.


"Is it normal to be thinking about wine at this time on a Monday? Asking for a friend."

9. What would Carrie do on a Monday?

"Monday's mood: I wanna get in the bed, go to sleep and pretend this day never happened."


10. Remember the movie 'Flushed Away'?

"Trying to get out of Monday like... Trying to escape Monday like..."

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11. Time moves differently on Mondays.

"What a week, huh?"

"It's Monday!"

12. No one asked for a day like this.


"If each day is a gift, I'd like to know where to return Monday."

13. It's illegal for me to do Mondays.

"Dear Monday, keep moving, the restraining order is in effect."


14. No thoughts, head empty.

"Arriving to work Monday morning: I'm dead inside."

15. You can never truly be ready for Monday.


"When Monday hits you too soon."

16. I need a prep day after Sunday, before Monday.

"Me mentally preparing myself to leave my bed and deal with people."


17. Monday belongs in the Burn Book.

"Stop trying to make Mondays happen. It's not going to happen!"

18. When is that four-day workweek happening?


"I'm just here so I don't get fired."

19. Not ready to come down from the weekend high.

"Y'all got any more of that weekend?"

20. Is my body working for me or against me?


"When you are sick on Saturday and Sunday but then feel fine on Monday. Thomas had never seen such bulls*** before."

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21. Mondays can suck it.


"Dear Monday, go step on a lego."

22. I swear the day is out to get me.

"Monday is brought to you by the letters F... and... U."

23. Aren't they the same thing?


"Not sure if it's the end of the world or just Monday."

24. You're about to get slapped.

"You wish people happy Monday? I too like to live dangerously."


25. Mondays making us contemplate arson.

"When you show back up for work on Monday: Should have burned this place down when I had the chance."

26. It was just Friday, like, an hour ago.


"Here's a little song I wrote called... where in the hell did my weekend go?"

27. According to my calculations, this day should not be happening.

"Am I ready for Monday?" "No."


28. Monday is a menace to society.

"Me. Monday."

29. Decades later, we can still relate to this silly old bear.


"'What day is it?' asked Pooh.

'It's Monday,' said Piglet.

'F***,' said Pooh."

30. There's an exercise minute, and then there's a Monday minute.

"One day on Mercury lasts about 1,408 hours. The same as one Monday on Earth."


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31. What? This is just my Monday face.

"When you're back at work Monday morning trying to put on that smile."


32. Only 30 more years to go!

"What do you call a person who is happy on Monday? Retired."

33. Whose idea was it to schedule meetings on Monday?


"Going to the Monday morning meeting like."

34. Monday's got us in a dark mood.

"When your alarm goes off and you have to go to work because you didn't die in your sleep."


35. Monday can smell fear.

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"Maybe if we all sit extremely still, Monday won't see us."

36. We could not love Lucy more.


"Keep pouring Ethel, it's Monday."

37. Don't talk to me on Mondays.

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"When you barely make it to the office on Monday morning and someone says hi."


38. Doing anything on a Monday morning is nothing short of heroic.

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"Me on Monday morning: sends one email. Is this productivity?"

39. Don't trust people who smile on Mondays.


"It's Monday...if you see me smiling today you will know that an alien has taken over my body and is wearing my skin as its own."

40. You can't sit with us, Monday.

"Monday is like that person who showed up to your party uninvited. Like you'll allow it, but honestly... how rude."


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41. Whoever set up the week wasn't thinking.

"Why is Monday so far from Friday and Friday so near to Monday?"

42. Walking into work with renewed fury after the weekend.

"It's Monday. I'm refreshed and ready to hate my job."

43. I'm not afraid of ghosts.

"Scariest things: As a kid: ghost. As an adult: Monday."

44. This accurately sums up my level of enthusiasm on a Monday morning.

"Let's get this bread I guess."

45. Do not resuscitate me on Mondays. It's for the best.

"Me on the weekends / Me on Monday."

46. Monday, where do you get off?

"Hello, Monday. May I ask you a question? Why are you always back so quickly? Don't you have a hobby?"

47. Where's the fast forward button on this thing?

"When you haven't even gone to sleep yet and you already can't wait to come home from work tomorrow."

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48. Even the calendar knows how horrible the beginning of the week is.

"After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says WTF."

49. The hot mess express departs at 11:15 am on Mondays.

"I'm sorry. I can't handle this."

50. Do not disturb mode is on all Monday long.

"What did I say about waking me on Monday? Don't."

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51. Don't remind me.

"When Monday calls... just to remind you it's Monday."

52. Lliterally cannot, and will not even today.

"I will not Monday!!"

53. Can't even sleep in peace when Monday looms near.

"When you're about to go to sleep and you remember tomorrow is Monday."

54. And no, I don't want to be friends.

"Dear Monday, I want to break up. I'm seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, it's not me, it's you."

55. Do you have anything stronger?

"Here's to Monday! Would you like cream, sugar or valium in your coffee?"

56. I've had enough.

"'Yeah, I'm about ready for the weekend.' —Me, Monday at 9:14 am."

57. Whoever made the hashtag #MondayMotivation clearly has never experienced a Monday.

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"It's Monday! And guess who's not motivated? That'll be me."

58. Someone had to say it.

"Monday must be a man. It comes too quickly."

59. They have to know we all pretend to work, right?

"Monday got me like CNTRL + ALT + DELETE, end task."

60. We got the idea the first time around, thanks.

"I heard about history repeating itself but this Monday thing has got to stop."

61. Interacting with me on Mondays in any way is harassment.

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"I just reported you to HR for trying to start a conversation with me on a Monday."

62. We all need someone to do 'as we wish' on Mondays.

"Hello Monday. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my weekend... Prepare to die."

63. This is us every Monday.

"When you've got a deep rage burning inside you but you've got to act nice because you're at work..."

64. You're still a work of art, even on a Monday.

"Monday Lisa."

65. Take Mondays at half-speed.

"Can you repeat the part of the stuff where you said all about the things?"

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