Free Teleseminar - Introduction to Visioning - June 24th


I would love the opportunity to share my message with you with one of my most popular presentations.

I promise you that this Introduction to Visioning free Teleseminar will leave you:

  • Inspired by a few simple techniques to help you create a life of choice and not a life of chance 
  • Equipped with new skills that you can implement right away
  • Having more belief and confidence in yourself and your ability to deliberately and intentionally create more success in all areas of your life 

Although this is only an introduction to Visioning, in this informative and inspiring presentation, you’ll learn:

  • 3 elements to creating a life by design
  • 6 dimensions of a vision
  • How to set goals that work 


Join me for this inspiring and empowering 45 minute presentation, register today!

Date:  Thursday June 24, 2010

Time:  7pm Central Time

Registration:    Click here to register


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