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Woman Reveals The 'Quick-Thinking' That Saved Her Life During A Kidnapping Attempt

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One woman's quick thinking may have saved her life after she listened to her gut in a scary situation.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 4 million times, Jordan Rainer recalls one of the most petrifying moments of her life and her narrow escape.

Her actions may have saved her from a kidnapping attempt. 

Rainer shares that the incident took place in 2020 during the coronavirus lockdown. She often went on long walks to keep herself occupied. 

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“Like a moron, I had the same pattern, I walked the same route every day,” she says. 

One afternoon, Rainer was walking her usual route which was on a desolated highway with corn fields on either side. 

She adds that there were no houses within a mile at that point in the route. 

“As I’m walking, I hear a car come up behind me,” Rainer says. “So I step aside to let the car pass so that I can carry on.” 

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While the car did drive past Rainer, it stopped about 10 yards in front of her. 

Rainer stopped dead in her tracks.

“Let me tell you, a fear came over me that I cannot explain that I have never had before or since then.” 

Rainer stayed where she was, worried that if she tried to walk past the car, the driver would open the door and force her inside. 

However, she saw the car’s brake lights flash, which indicated that he was parked. “The man put his car in park and was now looking at me through the driver-side mirror.” 

Rainer says that even if she began screaming, nobody would be able to hear her. While she didn't have her pistol or her pepper spray on her, she did have her phone. 

“So I grab my phone, and act like I’m calling 911,” she says. Rainer was well-aware that if she actually called the police they wouldn’t arrive in time. 

However, she wanted the driver to believe that she was on the phone with emergency services. 

Rainer’s trick appeared to work. “As soon as I pulled my phone out acted like I was talking, the reverse lights go back, he puts the car in drive, and he takes off,” she says. 

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Rainer then called her best friend, Kevin, who lived a mile down the road to alert him of the situation. 

“I said, ‘Kevin, I’m in a situation there’s a guy that I think is getting ready to take me. I need you to get here and I need you to get here now,” she recalls. 

Kevin jumped in his truck and began driving to Rainer’s location while instructing her to stay on the phone with him. 

Even though the car was out of sight, Rainer had a sneaking suspicion that the driver might return. 

“I’m just waiting and I’m watching for that car to have turned around and come back for me,” she says. 

Thankfully, Rainer saw Kevin’s truck appear first. He raced over to her and she quickly hopped in the passenger seat and they began to drive away. 

However, Rainer’s suspicions about the car returning proved to be correct.

“As we’re taking off, we look in the rearview mirror and y’all, that car had turned around and it had come back.” 

Rainer pointed the car out to Kevin as they continued to drive away while watching him in the rearview mirror.  

“He parks his car right where I was standing, he gets out of his car, and we see him, and he is looking for me,” Rainer says. 

Luckily for Rainer, her near abduction experience had a happy ending, which she credits to the phone call she made to her best friend. 

“That phone call to Kevin most likely saved my life,” she says. 

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