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Mom Says Her 'Heart Sank' When She Saw What Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Wanted For Christmas

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As Christmas Day approaches, many children are sending out their wish lists to Santa. Usually, parents can expect their kids' Santa lists to consist of the latest toys, a new pet, or Nintendo games. 

However, one mother was left shocked and heartbroken upon reading her eight-year-old daughter’s wish list to Santa. 

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The mother’s “heart sank” when she noticed that her daughter asked for “more friends” and “less bullying.” 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 3 million views, Suzy Boliver, a mother of two shared her eight-year-old daughter’s list to Santa this year. 

At first, her list appears to be innocent and contains items that every eight-year-old girl would seem to want, including Squishmellow toys, a pink iPad mini, and colorful new pencils. 



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However, the last two requests on the list take a sudden, heartbreaking turn. 

Boilver’s daughter writes that she wants “even more friends” and “less bullying to me.” 

“When you get your eight-year-old daughter’s Christmas list,” Boilver wrote in a textbox over her video. “When I say my heart sank.” 

“I wasn’t going to post this,” she captioned her video. “But you know what… this is being 8 years old in 2022 and maybe we should be talking about it.” 

Other TikTok users expressed their heartache over Boliver’s daughter’s list. 

“I teach elementary school. This breaks my heart,” one user shared. 

“Makes me not want to even send my kids to public school. So sad.” 

“We need to do something about bullying. We are taking way too long,” one user wrote. 

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Others noted that their children wrote similar things on their lists. 

“My nine-year-old wrote this year ‘to be pretty’, I have no words for the sadness,” one parent revealed. 

Other users offered suggestions to Boliver on how she could help her daughter and make her Christmas wishes come true. 

“Please help her find some friends and if you can’t stop the bullying have her change schools,” one user recommended. 

“I’m a teacher and if she is writing about it ask the teacher but also fully move her away from bullies no matter what. Too many lost little lives,” another user shared. 

Other heartbroken parents wanted to send the little girl gifts themselves. 

“You should set up a PO Box so we can send her postcards from friends around the country. I’d send her one from Oregon!” another user offered. 

“Any kind of squishmallow in particular she is looking for? I have some to give away and would love to send some her way,” another user wrote. 

Boliver thanked other TikTokers for their support and kind words.

She revealed that she would be enrolling her daughter in martial arts classes to help her gain the confidence she needs to make new friends and stand up for herself against the bullies this holiday season. 

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