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Mom Cuts Off Daughter's Hair During Livestream To Teach Her 'Being Educated' Is More Important Than 'Being Cute'

Photo: TikTok
Mom cuts daughter's hair on live

Disciplining a child is never easy but it’s never okay to embarrass your child or physically alter them just to teach them a lesson. 

Internet users have been left horrified after a mom did just that by sharing her cruel punishment online.

The mom cut off her daughter's hair on a live stream.

In a clip of the stream that has been reposted online, the mom is seen aggressively grabbing her daughter's hair and cutting off her braids while the teen looks on in shock.

The mother says she is cutting off her daughter’s hair to ‘teach’ her that “being cute” isn’t more important than “being educated.”

The video was highlighted on TikTok by the user Thinker (ngrowth) due to the mother deleting everything about the livestream. 

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What exactly the daughter did to warrant such a punishment remains unclear but the mom's follow-up videos suggest that the daughter supposedly started acting up in school and wasn’t turning in her homework assignments.

By taking away her daughter’s “beauty,” the mother is supposedly showing how education is more important than her daughter’s hair extensions. 

A follow-up video is shown of the mom asking her daughter many questions like, “do you feel abused?” 

She also claims that she has been warning her daughter to take her education seriously "for a year."

The camera is shoved in the girl’s face while her mom remains out of frame. It’s clear that she is upset and fearful but she sits there answering the questions in a monotone voice.

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Users are outraged over the mother’s actions.

Comments on the many reposts of the video warn the mother that this is a form of abuse and that her child will be negatively impacted by what she believes is a "lesson."

"She learned that she is not safe with her mother and that love is conditional and painful. She will accept abuse from others [because] of this," writes one user.

After receiving backlash from multiple users on TikTok, the mom deleted the original video, follow-up videos and anything to do with her cutting off her daughter’s hair.

However, in one of her latest posts, the mom defended her actions saying she “doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.”

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Many people pointed out how publicly shaming your child on livestream is just another way to garner attention. It’s narcissistic. 

However, the mom disagrees. 

“I don’t care for the likes, I don’t care for the comments, I don’t care for the TikToks,” she said. “I didn’t do this to embarrass my daughter, if I wanted to embarrass my daughter I would tell you guys what she actually did. But I’m not going to do that.”

She further says that whatever happens is between her and her child — nobody else. 

But if it was truly between just her and her daughter, why would she broadcast it online for millions of people to see?

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