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Woman Ranks Her Husband's Mistresses — Then One Of Them Helps Her Get Revenge

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Normally when one discovers that their partner is cheating on them, they want to know who the other person is and are often already resentful of them.

However, one woman may have made one of the most epic moves toward the women her husband cheated on her with and people are applauding her for it.

The woman ranked her husband’s mistresses and had mostly positive things to say about them.

In a TikTok video that has generated nearly 2 million likes, Hillary Zinks (@hillary.zinks) revealed that her pilot husband cheated on her last year with multiple women.

Instead of being petty and acting harshly toward her husband’s mistresses, she decided to pay tribute to most of them by ranking them on a scale of 1-10 based on how they reacted upon delivering the news that their date was married.

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Zinks shares that she does not know the identity of the first woman her husband cheated on her with, however, she is grateful to her, believing that she was trying to warn her of her husband’s affairs by leaving one of her earrings behind as evidence.

“She left me this little gift right on my counter,” Zinks says, displaying a photo of the earring.

“This was like the first physical evidence I found of him cheating. I think that this girl had probably seen that he had signs of a wife or girlfriend in his house, so she left me this sign as a warning.” 

Zinks awarded the unknown woman a 9/10 rating but docked one point in case she left the earring out of spite.

“I might do this if I think I’m some guy’s side-chick one day,” she adds.

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Zinks refers to the next woman her husband cheated on her with as a 'gem.'

She was able to track her down once she discovered that her husband was cheating again.

“When I reached out to her, she was more than willing to tell me everything that idiot did,” Zinks says.

The woman even provided Zinks with the date of the affair and the hotel that her husband took her to, which Zinks was able to gain proof of with a receipt from the hotel.

She rates the woman a stellar 25/10.

Zinks describes the next woman as “insanely gorgeous” and way out of her husband’s league and gives her a 20/10 rating. 

She revealed that once the woman discovered that her date was Zinks’ husband, she became so uncomfortable that she fled the hotel he took her to in the middle of the night. 

“She felt more comfortable sitting in a train station all by herself overnight than she did in his room,” Zinks says.

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In a second video, Zinks continues to rank more of her husband’s mistresses.

The next woman starts with a less-than-favorable rating of -12/10.

Zinks claims that it is because when she learned that her date was married, she still wanted to hook up with him again.



“She had a very naive thought process of, ‘well, it’s not my responsibility for him to keep his d–-k in his pants,'” Zinks reports. 

However, after speaking with her, Zinks was able to change the woman’s perspective and she underwent a complete transformation. 

“I said that when we sleep with married men, we give those men the power to hurt their wives,” she says.

Not only did the woman not hook up with Zinks’ husband again, but she also sent Zinks screenshots of his Tinder account every time she spotted him on the app, redeeming herself with a 50/10 rating.

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One of Zinks’ husband’s mistresses helped her get the ultimate revenge on him and take him down. 

While Zinks was in the process of divorcing her now ex-husband, she had full access to his Tinder account, unbeknownst to him. 

“He was texting hundreds of girls saying, ‘I’m in town come to my hotel!'” Zinks says.



In one particular incident, she discovered that her husband has been messaging a woman named Selin.

She decided to reach out to her on Instagram to warn her. 

“I said, ‘hey, my husband’s trying to cheat on me right now with you, can you help me set him up 'cause I’m in the middle of leaving him?” Zinks says.

“She said, of course, I hate men like that.”

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The woman helped Zinks obtain more evidence of her husband's infidelity ahead of her divorce.

Although Selin and Zinks' husband did not engage in a physical affair, Zinks claims that Selin screenshotted and sent her every vile message demanding nude photos of herself and sent it to her so that Zinks could have more physical evidence of him cheating.

The two women have been friends ever since, and Selin, who is from Europe, hopes to meet up with Zinks in person someday.

“I was so excited to take a man down like that,” Selin shared in a short clip at the end of the video. “I hope to meet her one day because we have been friends ever since!”

Talk about women's empowerment!

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