Woman Confronts Her Cheating Husband On A Dinner Date With His Mistress & Records His Reaction


Woman's husband on date with another woman TikTok

One man went out for what he thought would be a peaceful dinner with his mistress, not expecting things to fly south until his wife showed up.

When the woman noticed her husband was at the restaurant with another woman, she walked up to them — their faces stunned.

While the original video was deleted, it was reposted on numerous TikTok accounts. 

In the video, the woman confronted her husband and the other woman who claimed she was a work friend.

As she confronted them, the woman seemed relatively calm and asked her husband what he was doing there. 


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Her husband appeared to be uneasy and uncomfortable with the situation as he responded that they were just having dinner. 



When the woman asked the other woman who she was, she responded with a smile on her face that she was a work friend.


“Okay, well, I’m his wife. So what kind of a friend are you?” the woman said.

After the other woman realized that the man she was out to dinner with was married, she shot him a disappointed look.

It seemed she didn’t know he was married and felt betrayed after finding out.

She then looked over to the man who was giving tight-lipped answers to his wife.

At this point, the other woman’s smile had left her face as she realized she made a mistake.

As the man’s wife continued talking, she got teary.

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The man then got up from his seat and went up to her.


This video had been replayed numerous times as people found the awkwardness of the situation laughable.

It had also been reposted to a Reddit thread, “r/PublicFreakout.”

Redditors also thought this situation was quite awkward and tense.

One user wrote, “Just the silence from both of them shows they are up to no good.”

Another user wrote, “Oh man, his nervous tapping of the hands together below the table... you can see him working through the situation trying to find the smoothest exit.”

Another person wrote, “That awkward silence even made me tense up… If that was innocent he'd have been way more outgoing. Well, and his wife would know he was eating with a woman friend from work…”


"The cringe of this whole situation is one of the biggest reasons I would never cheat on my wife," one user wrote.

Many people suggested that the woman already knew that her husband had been cheating on her because of her calm reaction.

One person commented, “She probably suspected it for a long time, came to terms with it, and this is just confirmation. She's already had her emotional catharsis over it.”

Another person commented, “Everyone is calm because everyone knew their role in this scene. Wife probably knew a while and this was probably just closure with the camera person there to confirm and tell what happened so she wouldn't.”


Some others also claimed that the other woman knew the man was married despite her seeming clueless in the video.

"She definitely knew he was married because she tried to lie. Both [are] a couple of cheaters. I bet she also has a man at home," one person commented.

"She likely knew he was married, she doesn’t even ask them who they are or why they are recording. If I was having dinner and a woman came up to me I would be wondering who they were and why they were recording," another person commented.

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