Woman Who Gave Birth On Upper East Side Shows Off The Hospital's Chanel 'Goodie Bag' For New Moms

The perfume costs $90.

chanel gift bag TikTok.

A TikTok user and mom in Manhattan named Sophia showed off the harsh disparities in healthcare and income that exist in New York City.

Posting under the username "@manhattan_mama," Sophia's TikTok account is dedicated to showing her life as a mom in NYC though her lifestyle may not be completely relatable for the many moms living in poverty in the city!

That said, it's always fun to see how the other half lives and if #childbirthgoals was a thing, Sophia's experience is certainly one to aspire to!


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The Manhattan mom received a Chanel goodie bag after giving birth at Cornell in NYC.

“When you give birth at Cornell on the Upper East Side, they give you this goodie bag,” says Sophia, who included the hashtag “citylife” on her post.

The now-deleted TikTok post accumulated 1.4 million views before Sophia removed it from her page.

“I was just organizing my closet and I found it and realized I never opened it for either one of my kids.”

“So I thought it might be kind of fun to open it now,” she exclaims.


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Photo credit: TikTok

The first frame of the video shows Sophia opening the gift bag and removing a card, which states “Chanel congratulates New York Presbyterian Hospital for their excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology and all new mothers on their very special deliveries.”


Sophia then goes through the items in the gift bag.

The Chanel gift bag included a bottle of Chanel Gabrielle perfume, for which the retail price starts at $90.

Sophia removed a tube of Ultrawear liquid lip color in a Milky Blueberry shade, which retails for $45.

Photo credit: TikTok

The last item in the gift bag was a tube of mascara which costs $38. 


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The products in the Chanel gift bag total slightly under $200.

“Not too bad,” Sophia says after opening the gift box.

"I hope it’s still okay to try these things a few years later,” she goes on to say, as it’s been a few years since she gave birth.

“I want to see if I can find the one from my daughter and see if it’s the same stuff or not,” she ends the video saying.



The comments under the video show a range of reactions, from supportive to disbelieving.


“Imagine being in the tax bracket where you literally don’t have any urge to open a Chanel gift bag,” stated one commenter.

Another user commented that “Cedars-Sinai in LA did something very similar! I got a Ralph Lauren gift and gift card for my son and they gifted me a Dior bag with similar toiletries.”

One person stated that the gift bag was a great idea, that it’s “really nice that the emphasis is on the mom and that they are providing something that can help her feel like herself again.”

Sophia replied to that particular comment, saying, “So true! Apparently, Chanel does this as part of an award the hospital got for their OB department.”


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Yet other users were more skeptical of the gift bag.

“Guess what they give us when we give birth at King’s County Hospital in the heart of Brooklyn? TRAUMA– that’s what we get,” said a user.

Someone else echoed that statement, saying “The hospital I gave birth at in Brooklyn ripped my C-section scar back open and told me to walk off the pain.”

Sophia then recorded a response video, addressing some of the negative comments.

She goes on to state that “it’s just not true” that she’s in a high tax bracket.

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"If I were in the tax bracket people are saying I’m in, I wouldn't worry about money or working,” she claims.

“My kids would have nannies or now they’d be in bougie private schools. I would have a townhouse or a huge apartment.”

As far as justifying the gift bag, Sophia states, “I just went to the hospital that my OB is affiliated with, and this gift was actually a gift from Chanel and not from the hospital.”


“The hospital got an award for excellence in Obstetrics and as part of that Chanel is giving moms that give birth there this goodie bag,” she says by way of explanation.

“As far as how I forgot to open it, it’s not because I’m like, swimming in Chanel,” Sophia says.

“I think I assumed it was going to be little like, travel-sized items like the little squirt perfumes or something, and creams,” she goes on to explain. 

“I remember getting it and thinking, ‘Oh that’s really nice,’ and then I just forgot about it. It’s not because I have so much.”

“And honestly, I already have my makeup, my perfume, everything that I use, and, I don’t know,” she ends the video.


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