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Mom Calls Out Those Who Park In 'Parent And Child' Spaces And Receives Mixed Reactions

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A mother has started a debate surrounding entitlement and what is fair for mothers and children.

She took to TikTok to post a dilemma she experienced in a parking lot with her toddler and was met with mixed reactions from viewers.

The mother urged those without children to refrain from parking spaces designated for parents and their children. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 1 million times, mother Chloe Cain shares her frustrations toward those who do not abide by parking regulations

Cain was making a trip to the town center with her toddler son, Lenny, and parking her car proved to be difficult.

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“We’ve just arrived at the town center,” Cain informs viewers as she crouches down next to Lenny, who is in a stroller, in the parking lot.

She states that in the past she conducted polls on her social media platforms seeking the opinions of users regarding parent and child parking spaces. 

Parent and child parking spaces, commonly referred to as “mother and child bays” in Europe, are parking spaces reserved for parents with one or more children who are under 12 years of age. 

However, it is not illegal if drivers who are not accompanied by children park in these bays. 

Cain, who feels strongly about the issue and believes that childless individuals should refrain from parking in those spots, flips her camera to show viewers two occupied mother and child bays across from her. 

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She focuses on a blue car to the left.

“This car here, [was parked by] two young lads going to the gym,” she reports. 

The car on the right, which is not even parked within the lines of the bay, was an older gentleman. 

Cain claims when she asked the gentleman if he had children with him, he replied that he did not. 

“Why are you parking without a child then,” Cain wonders aloud. “I struggled to get this one out of the car because I’m in a normal bay,” she adds, referring to her toddler. “When will people learn?”

Some TikTok users appeared to agree with Cain. 

“We need them [mother and child bays] for our babies' safety! it makes me so angry!” one user commented. 

“On your side here!! [It] angers me so much! Just purely lazy people who don’t give a damn The spaces are there for a reason, not to be abused,” another user pointed out.

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However, others believe those with children should not be entitled to certain parking spaces. 

“Why do people think cause they have kids the world revolves around them?” one user wrote. 

“[It’s] not a legal requirement to leave them free. Anyone can park there,” another user pointed out. 

“Just park somewhere else, end of story,” a third wrote. 

“I am 40 weeks pregnant I make no apologies for parking in a parent and child space. I am huge and can't physically get out of the car in a normal space,” a fourth user revealed. 

Cain posted a follow-up video attempting to defend herself. 



She argued that the older gentleman who parked in the mother and child bay was not “frail” and appeared able-bodied, which is why she believed that he truly did not need the space.

“It’s a parent and child space, sorry if that offends you,” she says, addressing those who disagree.

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