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Woman Reveals Holiday Card From 'Toxic' Mother-In-Law Listing All Their Bills That She Paid For This Year

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Mother-in-law holiday card TikTok

At its core, the holidays should be about the importance of spending time with family and friends more than the gifts that are often associated with this time of year.

One woman’s mother-in-law agrees but maybe didn't have the best approach when she tried to tell her family why they weren't getting gifts this year!

She believes gave enough gifts of giving throughout the year, opting to give her daughter-in-law and her son something different this year.

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The mother-in-law sent them a holiday card listing the bills she paid for instead of a gift.

In a now-deleted video, a woman with the TikTok username SageAndWine revealed the holiday card that her husband’s mother sent them.

“Toxic mother-in-law,” read the text box over the video. “Not the first time she’s done this.”

Credit: TikTok

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The card reads “Season’s Greetings” and has a cute painting of a couple of birds on the cover, but the contents within the card aren’t quite as lovely.

“Merry Christmas,” her MIL wrote. “Received a big blanket, $112.40 Xfinity bill paid! $584.89 on electric bill! $697.29 + gift. Merry Christmas.”

Instead of giving the couple a gift, she decided to itemize the bills that she paid for into a list and throw it in their faces as a way to explain why she wouldn’t get them any real gifts.

“So this is our toxic mother-in-law,” she says in the video’s voiceover. “I just want to preface this video by saying that there is no way you absolutely need to get a Christmas gift or give a Christmas gift.”

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However, she explains that she “chooses just to repetitively do this type of behavior to my husband,” instead of simply telling them that she can’t afford a gift.

The woman had lost her job because of the pandemic, and needed some extra help but, as far as her husband's mom is concerned, no good deed goes unpunished.

“Basically she’ll say, 'Hey, throughout the year I’ve done things for you guys' and y’know she did those things when we lost our jobs due to COVID,” she explained. 

“So that was really amazing but she chooses to send a card, basically reminding, 'Hey you don’t get a gift because I’ve done all these other things.' When she literally could just, I don’t know, not give us one or just wish us a Merry Christmas.”

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Viewers were critical of the mother-in-law for sending the card.

Although the video, originally posted in 2021 and received over a million views, was deleted, many people shared their thoughts on the situation and even shared their own experiences with toxic mothers-in-law.

“That’s not a Christmas card, that’s an invoice,” one user wrote.

“My mother-in-law pulled my husband aside and told him he should put our house we bought half in her name and half in his so when we separate I would get none,” another user confessed.

“My MIL offered to buy my husband a car and get him in a new place if he would just leave me,” a third user shared. “Also had a b-day party for my son but I wasn’t invited!”

One user even suggested that she and her husband should no longer accept any money from their MIL if this was how she would act every time.

The father-in-law chimed in on the advice, saying “That's the plan Stan!”

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