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Mom Says She Doesn't Let Her Kids Go To School Or Hospital & Doesn't Care That Critics Say It's 'Dangerous'

Photo: TikTok
Kaytlynn Green

When it comes to raising children, each parent has their own set of rules and boundaries that they follow.

However, one Missouri mom is being accused of having "dangerous" and controversial methods for taking care of her children.

Kaytlynn Green, 23, describes herself as being a "crunchy mom," which is a mother who practices natural parenting and often uses holistic methods on their children.

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Green has come under fire after revealing that she doesn't let her children go to school or the hospital.

The mom of two often shares her journey of being a "crunchy mom" on her TikTok account, where she often defends the choices she makes for her children.

In one video, Green explained some of the "controversial ways" she is raising her children, which include them not being in school, making their own bedtime and naptime, and not being allowed to wear sunscreen.



She also does not allow her children, Olive, 3, and Felix, 1, to see a doctor, and eat meat, animal products, or processed sugars.

Green also shared things she had done during her pregnancy, which included having no prenatal tests, no ultrasounds or tests, and smoking marijuana during her birth.

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In an interview with Caters News, via The Post, Green explained that she practices "holistic and respectful parenting."

"However, people have told me I’m abusive for not allowing them to eat certain foods and tell me I don’t deserve to have children."

She also pointed out that many people who view her videos tell her it's "dangerous to sleep in bed with them and don’t agree with me letting them be barefoot — as well as the fact I home-school them.”

Despite the amount of hate and criticism Green receives from viewers, she doesn't let the negative comments affect how she parents Olive and Felix.

“I know what I do isn’t classed as ‘normal,’ but I didn’t think it was controversial. The hate doesn’t bother me, I’m very confident in my decisions, and these people don’t understand that,” she said.

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Green implemented her current parenting style to raise her children differently than she was raised.

In another TikTok video, Green shared the ways she differs from her own parents when it comes to raising her children.



Green explained that she doesn't hit her children, she won't let her older children have to watch their younger siblings and not allowing them to pierce or "mutilate" their bodies in any way.

"I changed my discipline values. They shouldn’t be hit, shamed, or told their opinions don’t matter. I don’t agree with the whole ‘what the parent says’ goes,” Green told Caters News.

“I was raised to feel shamed and not voice my opinion, and I don’t want my kids to feel like that.”

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