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Woman Gets Dumped By Boyfriend Over Halloween Costume He Deemed Too 'Inappropriate' For Social Media

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With Halloween fastly approaching, a woman on TikTok decided to share with viewers the story of how she was dumped by her ex-boyfriend over her Halloween costume.

The woman claims that her ex-boyfriend believed that her original costume was “inappropriate” and accused her of cheating on him after she swapped costumes with another man.

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She was dumped by her boyfriend over her 'inappropriate' Halloween costume.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 200,000 times, 25-year-old Pia Blossom revealed the reason she was dumped by her ex-boyfriend on Halloween.

“It’s nearly Halloween, so I thought I’d tell you guys about the time I got dumped over a Halloween costume,” Blossom shares with viewers.



Blossom says that she and a couple of her girlfriends were having a girls' night out and attending a costume party at a local bar.

She shares an image of herself sporting a Playboy bunny costume acquired with fake blood on her face and chest, along with black tights.

“This is the costume in question,” Blossom says.

She added that the costume was rather revealing in the back, and could not include a picture since it went against TikTok guidelines.

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When Blossom posted the image to her Instagram, her very-new boyfriend decided to share his opinion of her costume with her.

“He literally texted me being like, ‘are you actually wearing that out?’ I can see your whole a–,” Blossom says. “I was like, ‘I know! It’s great!”

Blossom’s boyfriend told her that her costume was “inappropriate” and expressed his distaste for her wearing it out in public.

“I was at my friend’s house ready to go at this point, and he’s like, ‘could you borrow some leggings from her or something? And wear leggings instead of tights?”

However, Blossom did not want her costume to go to waste.

“And ruin my costume? No!” she says.

Her boyfriend insisted on picking her up from the bar that night once the party was over, so she knew he would not be thrilled when she stepped into his car in the same costume.

While at the bar, Blossom ran into a man dressed in a costume that resembled a giant sunny-side-up egg.

“I was like, I wanna be an egg,” Blossom says. “I spoke to this guy really drunk, and I was like, ‘oh my god, I love your costume, I love that you’re an egg.”

The man shared with Blossom that he loved her Playboy bunny costume and asked her if she wanted to swap costumes.

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Blossom swapped her bunny costume with an egg costume at the bar.

Blossom eagerly agreed, put on the man’s egg costume over the top half of her body, and handed the man the leotard she was wearing underneath.

She decided to post some cute snaps of herself in her new costume to her Instagram story.

“I mistakenly was like, my boyfriend will love this because now I have no bum, no boobs, I’m an egg!” she says.

After posting the photo, Blossom put her phone away in her bag for a while.

When she stepped outside for a break, she noticed that her boyfriend attempted to call her numerous times.

“So I called him back, thinking that he can’t give me a lift or something which would be fine, and I answer the phone and he was like, ‘WHOSE COSTUME IS THAT?!”

He then falsely accused Blossom of cheating on him.

“He’s going psycho, he’s like ‘WHAT MAN DID YOU SLEEP WITH TO GIVE YOU THAT COSTUME?'”

Blossom explained to her boyfriend how she got the costume and thought that he would like it since it was less revealing than her original costume — he refused to listen to her.

“I hang up, turn my phone off, carry on with my night out with my friends, never saw him again, and then he told people that we broke up because I slept with someone else,” Blossom shares. 

“For some reason, he had this narrative that I slept with someone for an egg costume.” 

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TikTokers reacted to Blossom’s story in the comments. 

Sounds like a lucky escape for you!!!!!” one user commented. 

“Nice of him to show his true colors so early on, what a sweetie,” another user wrote. 

“His loss haha! You looked great!!” another user added. 

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